If there is a section of a track that you would like to loop when creating a transition, whether it be a vocal, instrument or interesting drum pattern, DJ.Studio has you covered.

Quick and easy guide to looping#

  1. Open the Studio tab
  2. Select the transition in your mix that you would like to add the loop effect too.
    Select a transition
  3. Select the transition tab  at the bottom of the page.⁠
    Select Transition tab
  4. Select either effect in (This will add the effect to the start of your transition) or effect out (This will add the effect to the end of your transition)
    Select loop for in or outgoing track and the length of the loop
  5. Using click and drag, move your track around to select your desired looping location.
  6. Choose how many beats in a bar you would like to loop by clicking on the number next to the word ‘loop’ in the transition tab.

Use the looping feature for even more creative and unique transitions, ensuring your mix stands out from the crowd!