Layout of the Library screen#

The Library tab is where you add tracks to your project.

Library view in DJ.Studio

Left of the screen#

On the left you can choose the sources you want to browse to look for interesting tracks in your mix.

Top of the screen#

  • At the top you see the list of tracks available in DJ Studio.
    By default you see All tracks, but you can also filter in the left side navigation based on the import date or previous projects you created.

  • Listen to your tracks by selecting it and pressing the Space bar or clicking in the colored preview pane in the middle of the screen.

  • Click in the Rate column to Favorite a specific track for later.

  • Add tracks to your library with the yellow button in the top left corner to upload tracks from your local pc to your DJ Studio library and mix. 

Bottom of the screen #

At the bottom you see the current tracks within your project. 

  • Add tracks to your DJ mix by double clicking on a track in the top list, or dragging a track to the bottom part of the screen. You can also select multiple tracks before you drag them to your project at the bottom of the screen.

When you have gathered all the tracks for your mix, you can click the yellow Automix button so DJ.Studio can create the best harmonically ordered DJ mix for you.