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The DAW for DJs

With the DJ.Studio app, you can build and export DJ mixes with transitions, automation, and videos using music from your favorite libraries.

Imagine what you could do with DJ.Studio

Automix your playlist

Utilizing the principles of the Camelot Wheel by Mixed In Key, a sophisticated AI will analyze your playlist and recommend the ideal mixing order. This enhances your creativity with integrated beat matching and harmonic mixing. 

Solve complex Transitions

Receive instant recommendations for tracks that will make your transitions smoother and more harmonically aligned. DJ.Studio scans your library to identify the ideal songs to incorporate into your mix.

There's an impressive new DJ app in town. It's called DJ.Studio.

Phil Morse
Phil Morse
Founder - Digital DJ Tips

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Why you need DJ.Studio

DJ.Studio brings a new approach to DJ and production software by combining the two.

Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson
DJ Mag

The spotlight awaits

From Bedroom DJ to Stage Sensation. It’s time to enter the studio.

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