Release Notes

Product update- 2.6.73 - July 22, 2024

Vacation time: Sun, Fun and Fixes

Summer and vacation time are in full swing, so we might take a little longer here and there. Nonetheless, we're hard at work on some exciting updates that will be released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we have some new, improved, and fixed features for you right now!


1. [Fixed] We have had some reports about stuttering in stems transitions. We fixed an issue where a small part of the original track would be played at the beginning of a stems transition. We are still looking into the other scenarios where stuttering could be heard.

Adding tracks#

2. [Fixed] Adding tracks modal showed the wrong error message for tracks longer than the max length. The error displayed said 'Track not Found' 3.


3. [New] Third sample lane. You can enable a third sample lane when you go to Settings > Studio > Interface.

extra sample lane

4. [New/Improved] Mute buttons on lanes:

  • Solo channel: listen to this lane only. All other lanes will not have audio (Deck 2, Sample 1,2,3)
  • Mute channel: Mute this lane only. All other lanes will still have audio.
  • Solo deck without automations: Listen to the audio of this deck without automation changes.
Mute buttons

5. [Improved] Echo effect. Transitions > Effects out > The Echo effect is improved and now echoes the beat to the right of the marker, just like on all DJ controllers

Product update- 2.6.72 - July 11, 2024

Beatport login fix + crash fix

We did a small hotfix for two issues mentioned by several users in the last 24 hours.

1. The Beatport login reset button did not respond, causing some users not to be able to log in anymore after seeing an error for a previous faulty login

2. Some users mentioned the app or project crashing after seeing a 'client-side exception' error