Release Notes

Product update- - May 24, 2024

Fixes and improvements, just in time for the Weekend


1. [Fixed] If you started a project from Home > Library, sometimes tracks would give an unjust File not found notification


2. [Fixed] Back button to community overview fixed

3. [Fixed] Navigating through mix now corresponds with the tracklist on the right

4. [Fixed] Play/Pause didn't work in some cases

5. [Fixed] Wrong or missing album art displayed


6. [Fixed] If a user had stems transitions, sometimes before or during a transition, a clicking sound was audible or the first beat would not be played. This has been fixed for most cases. After the weekend we will fix the cases that do still produce a clicking sound.

Product update- 2.6.52 - May 23, 2024

Hotfix Windows - connect local libraries

With version 2.6.51 we introduced a problem on Windows machines connecting to external libraries like rekordbox, Mixed In Key, Traktor etc. This has been repaired.