DJ Mixing Redefined

Analog turntables, meet digital technology. Simply drag, drop & automix. AI based harmonic intelligence lets you quickly create and share professional mixes to keep the party going all night with this DAW For DJs.

The DAW For DJs

Link your library

Start by linking your favorite library and drag & drop tracks straight into your mix.

import options

Automix based on harmonic key matching and BPM

harmonic wheel

Perfect your transitions

Use effects, volume sliders and 3-band equalizer to create your own sounding transitions.


Share your mix with the world

share mix

Automix your playlist. With AI magic.

Using millions of calculations, Automix orders your playlist perfectly based on tempo, and Camelot Wheel inspired harmonic matching. Save huge amounts of time and ensure that your DJ mixes always sound… perfect.

DJ.Studio's Automix

Precision transitions. Every time.

Implement the best transitions to blend your tracks. and create your signature sound with our 14 default effects and your own unique automations.

Mix and match automations with DJ.Studio's transition editor

Deep integration with your workflow.

Choose your tracks using the seamless integration with Mixed In Key, rekordbox, Serato, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, TRAKTOR, iTunes, or your computer library. Export mixes to Ableton Live. Coming soon: add samples, use third-party VSTs, overlay vocal recordings and more. You have infinite potential for mixing, production, podcasts and video.

Mixed In Key
Serato DJ Pro

Flat Stan
Flat Stan

DJ.Studio has made a huge difference in how I record my mixes. I can get radio shows ready in a fraction of the time and they sound incredible!

Noah from Ark records
Noah from Ark records

In the 12 years I've been DJing, I have never seen any DJ tool which changes the game as much as DJ.Studio. This powerful but intuitive app saves a massive amount of time while also opening up new creative options which weren't previously possible. This will quickly become an essential tool for any DJ!

Mark ‘Tomo,’ Thompson
Mark ‘Tomo,’ Thompson
Professional Drummer, DJ and Musician

DJ Studio saves me so much time, meaning I can focus on creativity. It’s game changer for the professional DJ and my workflow.

Luca Casti
Bedroom DJ

First I thank you so much for the opportunity to preview DJ.Studio. I have already installed it, watched the tutorial, and... I assure you I felt comfortable after only 10 minutes, it's AMAZING. I'm already using it to create mixes. SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS.

Mohit Dhanawat
Mohit Dhanawat

"DJ.Studio is an absolute game-changer. Its AI-driven features have transformed how I create music mixes, making the process effortless and the results extraordinary."

JC Geller
JC Geller

"DJ.Studio gives me the tools and possibilities to mix contemporary sound in a contemporary way. Automix surprises me with new combinations and the integration of external software and portals helps me continue to use the music collection I've built up over many years."

Share your DJ mixes with the world!

Export your mix to a local file on your hard drive or straight to Mixcloud with an auto-generated track list. No more recording, exporting and uploading separately. Keeps you focused and eliminates wasted time.

Local File
Share your mix with DJ.Studio

Bedroom DJ to Performing sensation

It’s time to get out of the bedroom and into the spotlight. 

The studio awaits.