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Export Everywhere

Swiftly export your mix—no more recording, exporting, and uploading separately. Stay focused on what truly matters.

Share Your Mix With The World

Share your mix across various platforms and formats, effortlessly connecting with your audience. Export from basic MP3 to high-resolution 4K video or complete Ableton Live sets. DJ.Studio has all your needs covered.

Export options

Export To WAV or MP3

Swiftly render your mixes as MP3 or WAV, giving you the flexibility to choose between quality and storage space. Take command of volume output and enable Re-Pitch Audio Mode for cleaner mixes with fewer artifacts and higher quality, especially after tempo changes.

Export to local file

Export playlist

For live performances, export your playlist to an M3U file and seamlessly import it into your live software. Effortlessly impress your crowd with harmonic mixing and optimized track arrangements.

Export your mix as a playlist

Export DJ set with Cue points

Craft the ideal order for your DJ set using the timeline editor, strategically placing transition markers. Export to rekordbox to generate a playlist with hot-cue markers at every mix-in and mix-out transition point. This provides a visual guide, ensuring you know precisely when and where to hit the play button for effortlessly seamless transitions.

video placholder image

Music Video for YouTube

Boost your YouTube channel by incorporating audio-reactive animations into your DJ mix and exporting it in various qualities, from SD to 4K.

The YouTube export feature also includes a tracklist ready for automatic track dividers, ensuring seamless segmentation for each song in your set.

Export for YouTube

Export to Ableton Live

Add a pro's touch to your DJ.Studio mix by exporting as an Ableton Live multitrack project.

The export includes all automation, transition, and effect details, allowing you to effortlessly recreate your entire DJ set in Ableton Live with just a click. 

Whether you're a podcast producer, radio show host, or bedroom DJ looking to add extra detail—be it mastering, additional effects, or layering in more samples—DJ.Studio’s Ableton connection unlocks endless creative possibilities.

Ableton Live with a mix exported from DJ.Studio


Link your Mixcloud account to effortlessly upload, and share your latest mixes with your online audience. DJ.Studio goes the extra mile by automatically generating the tracklist and timestamp information, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus more on your mixing.

DJ.Studio's Mixcloud profile

Backup and Collaboration

Use the backup option to save a .DJS file for your project. Safely store it, share it with our support desk for assistance, or collaborate with other DJ.Studio users by sending them the file.

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