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DJ.Studio: DJ Software For Mac

Welcome to DJ.Studio, the ultimate DJ Software for Mac.

DJ.Studio has a revolutionary approach to DJ mixing - moving away from traditional methods to provide something truly modern. Here, you can unlock a new level of creativity with a unique mix creation workflow.

Supercharge your potential with this expansive suite of creative tools for DJs and playlist lovers alike, as you experiment with new ideas, plan the perfect live DJ set, and create seamless mixes.

Precise Timeline Editing

This Mac DJ app gives you a completely new way to create mixes. You build mixes on a timeline with ultimate precision rather than using a DJ controller or DJ gear. This makes the workflow faster, flexible, and more precise. Craft transitions, change the individual and master tempo for any song, add effects, samples, and more all on your Mac - with a user-friendly interface.

AI Automix Assistant

Speed up your mix production workflow using powerful AI automix assistance. Get instant access to the ultimate setlist, ordered using key detection and harmonic mixing. Sync BPM within seconds, generating a near-perfectly smooth mix with only a few clicks. DJ.Studio suggests the best order for your selection, making seamless, professional mixes faster than ever before.

DJ.Studio's Automix

Sophisticated Integration

DJ.Studio opens a universe of connectivity. Make DJ sets using YouTube, Spotify, and Beatport Streaming.

Create your personal library using all common DJ software and music apps, like rekordbox, Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, Djay Pro and more. It even has Apple Music integration, so you can connect DJ.Studio to your Apple Music Library to instantly mix music you own.

Integrations with DJ.Studio

Pristine Stem Separation

Isolate vocals, drums, bass, and melodies with pristine sound quality using stem separation. Enabling you to create the smoothest transitions ever, and generate samples, acappellas, drum loops, and instrumentals for use in any project or software.

DJ.Studio's Stem Separation

Video Creation

DJ.Studio is more than just a DJing app, it's a full suite of powerful tools for DJs and more. It comes with a video mixer and creator, so you can create animated music videos to accompany your mix. This is the perfect way to hypnotize your audience, increasing engagement and reach.

Responsive DJ Mix video generation

This is the ultimate tool for digital DJing.

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