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DJ.Studio: Unique DJ Software for Windows

DJ.Studio is the best DJ software for Windows. Unlike most DJ software, you don't need any DJ controllers to make seamless, pristine mixes.

This DJ app leverages AI and other cutting-edge technology to create a DJ workflow unlike anything else. From professional DJs, to beginner DJs, and even humble music lovers, DJ.Studio gives every Windows user a new way to create DJ sets from their music library.

Unique Timeline Workflow

DJ.Studio gives DJs a completely new way to work. Rather having to record a mix via decks or a controller, you can now mix music purely with a keyboard and mouse, using a DAW-style timeline editor. Slice, cut, loop, blend, automate, and layer tracks with more precision than a surgeon DJ on decks.

DJ Mix on a timeline for Windows

AI Automix Assistant

Harness the power of our AI automix assistant to quickly suggest the best order for your setlist based on harmonic mixing and beat-matching. Smart transitions are applied, creating a near-seamless mix within 60 seconds. You can customize the automix styling to your preferences.

DJ.Studio's Automix

Extensive Integration

DJ.Studio is an endless doorway, connecting in and out to all other popular DJ apps and music libraries.

Connect with Pioneer DJ rekordbox, Traktor DJ Lite and Pro, Serato, Virtual DJ, iTunes, Mixed In Key, and many more. Browse your main music library, make mixes, and send the prepared setlist back to your main software to mix live - the perfect tool for club DJs!

Integrations with DJ.Studio

Revolutionary Features

Packed with extra features, DJ.Studio does a lot more than just make a seamless mix.

Mix music from streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and Beatport Streaming and share them with fans via our cloud storage system. Just import your own playlists and instantly convert them to a slick mix, with custom transitions and effects

Use powerful stem separation technology to gain precise control over the balance of individual layers in a track, like drums, bass, melodies, and vocals.

You can even create music videos with audio-reactive animations, using a music visualizer with an easy, user-friendly interface.

DJ.Studio's Stem Separation

Rapid Export

Say goodbye to rehearsing mixes, making mistakes, and needing to record your DJ set over and over again to get it right.

Simply make your perfect mix in the timeline, then quickly export it to a wide range of formats and destinations, including WAV/MP3, Ableton Live Projects, YouTube videos, and as prepared setlists in other popular DJ software.

You can then play tracks from your mixes on Digital Vinyl Systems via Serato DJ Pro.

This is the ultimate tool for digital DJing.

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