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DJ.Studio is an exciting new contender in the DJ software arena - but how does it stand up against the old champions?

We put DJ.Studio to the test in this extensive comparison!


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Unlock ‘Studio Mixing’

Studio DJing is an exciting new option for DJs, radio hosts, podcasters, playlist creators and anybody else who needs to create a seamless mix. DJ.Studio lets you craft your mix fast and precise, allowing you to focus on expanding your creative horizon.

Studio mixing view

Revolutionary Timeline

Explore the DAW-style timeline in DJ.Studio, offering distinct advantages over live mixing and setting it apart in the DJ software realm. Craft smooth transitions, rearrange playlist order, and refine your mix gradually—all without the need for rehearsal and re-recording.


Ready to try DJ.Studio?

Harness the Power of Automixing

Experience unparalleled DJ capabilities with DJ.Studio's Automix feature. Let DJ.Studio handle chord calculations, creating a harmonically perfect mix sequence at the click of a button.

The proprietary automix algorithm arranges tracks based on their musical key and BPM, beat-matching them seamlessly. This gives you more time to concentrate on expression and creativity!

Harmonic wheel

Timeless Transition Editor

Explore a fresh approach to blending music with DJ.Studio's transition editor, providing DJs with an entirely new way to craft seamless transitions. The extensive range of parameters allows for transitions that might be challenging on physical decks—unless you're an octopus!

Discover instant inspiration with numerous transition presets and further customize your mixes by automating parameters beyond transitions.

Mix Any Track with YouTube DJ

No downloaded music? No problem!

DJ.Studio features an endless music library through YouTube integration! Experiment with tracks by creating mixes using YouTube videos or tracks from YouTube Music, utilizing all DJ.Studio mixing features.

DJ.Studio for YouTube makes practicing as a DJ accessible to anyone.

YouTube DJ

DJ.Studio fits your workflow

DJ.Studio seamlessly integrates with various DJ apps and music libraries, including popular ones like rekordbox, Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, Engine DJ, iTunes, and more!

Link your existing DJ libraries to DJ.Studio, effortlessly utilizing playlists and crates without manual transfers.

This connection goes both ways—you can also export your DJ.Studio sets back into your live software.


Built-In Video Creator

The DJ.Studio video creation engine lets you visualize your mix with audio-reactive visuals, artist information, cover art, audio waveforms, text, and other effects. This is the perfect way to create a hypnotic visual accompaniment to your mix - entrancing your audience even more.

Video settings

Endless Export Options

DJ.Studio provides versatile export options, including high-quality WAVs and MP3s, YouTube videos, MixCloud, DJ sets with an imported tracklist for your live set, and even as Ableton Live projects for advanced editing and mastering. With exports faster than real-time, simply hit export, grab a coffee, and your mix will be ready without the need for extensive rehearsal before creating a live recording.

Export options

A Uniquely Powerful Workflow

DJ.Studio's workflow merges the best elements of DAW-style timeline interfaces with DJ tools and robust features. It stands apart from the conventions set by other DJ software, offering a completely distinctive experience.

A simple workflow

Who is DJ.Studio For?

DJ.Studio strikes a balance, catering to both beginners and professionals alike.

For newcomers, DJ.Studio boasts an accessible learning curve, allowing you to create your first full-length mix within a couple of hours, even if you've never used decks before. From song discovery to distribution, the feature-rich DJ.Studio streamlines the entire mix process. Automix empowers new DJs and playlist enthusiasts, making music selection the only prerequisite for creating an impressive mix.

On side B, DJ.Studio offers remarkable depth and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for industry-leading professionals who seek precise perfection in their mixes. With an array of advanced features, even radio show creators can use DJ.Studio to craft podcasts or radio mixes.

The Future of DJ.Studio

DJ.Studio is continuously evolving, with exciting features on the horizon. Some upcoming plans include:

  1. Integration with DJ Hardware: Enabling DJ.Studio to connect with DJ hardware like Pioneer DJ controllers, catering to scratch DJs and other members of the DJ community.

  2. Expanded Audio Track Lanes: Adding more audio track lanes for users to incorporate samples, effects, voiceovers, jingles, and other creative elements into their mixes.

  3. Stem separation: Expanding beyond the classic Equalizer automations, giving DJs access to powerful new ways of blending tracks.

The development of DJ.Studio is strongly influenced by community feedback. Users have the opportunity to vote on new features for upcoming updates, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Don’t take our word for it

Check out some of the responses given by influencers in the DJ world.

Flat Stan
Flat Stan

DJ.Studio has made a huge difference in how I record my mixes. I can get radio shows ready in a fraction of the time and they sound incredible!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
Noah Feasey-Kemp

In the 12 years I've been DJing, I have never seen any DJ tool which changes the game as much as DJ.Studio. This powerful but intuitive app saves a massive amount of time while also opening up new creative options which weren't previously possible. This will quickly become an essential tool for any DJ!

Mark ‘Tomo,’ Thompson
Mark ‘Tomo,’ Thompson
Professional Drummer, DJ and Musician

DJ Studio saves me so much time, meaning I can focus on creativity. It’s game changer for the professional DJ and my workflow.

JC Zeller
JC Zeller
Radio DJ

DJ.Studio gives me the tools and possibilities to mix contemporary sound in a contemporary way. Automix surprises me with new combinations and the integration of external software and portals helps me continue to use the music collection I've built up over many years.

Mohit Dhanawat
Mohit Dhanawat

"DJ.Studio is an absolute game-changer. Its AI-driven features have transformed how I create music mixes, making the process effortless and the results extraordinary."

Phil Morse
Phil Morse
Founder - Digital DJ Tips

There's an impressive new DJ app in town. It's called DJ.Studio.

Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson
Tech Editor DJ Mag

DJ.Studio brings a new approach to DJ and production software by combining the two.

David Ireland
David Ireland
Founder Magnetic Magazine

DJ.Studio is a great tool for quickly assembling mixes--and for finding which tracks work well together for live DJ sets ... It solves a lot of problems for busy DJs and helps me get through more music.

DJ Fintan Moloney
DJ Fintan Moloney

DJ.Studio speeds up my podcasting workflow for a monthly mix. It’s always getting new features. When I’ve reached out to support the response was very quick and helpful.

DJ Matthias
DJ Matthias
Event DJ

I'm totally blown away by DJ.Studio as it fills exactly the gap between Rekordbox and Ableton or Audition

sh3rw00d music
sh3rw00d music
Music producer

I have to say, I'm very impressed with the software and I will definitely be purchasing it!

Radio DJ

Great piece of software you have! been playing around with it for several hours now! wow

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