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Precise Transitions. Every Time.

Combine presets, effects and custom automations simultaneously to create transitions with more complexity than is possible when mixing live. DJ.Studio provides powerful tools for blending tracks with an unprecedented amount of detail and expression. 

It’s a welcome tool for any DJ or production studio and can create mixes fast, leaving you to concentrate on the creative part.

Sound on Sound
Sound on Sound

Auto transitions

After applying Automix, the tracks you've selected will already be mixed with transitions. Even without professional editing experience, you'll easily achieve professional-sounding transitions that sound much better than a stop-and-start or crossfaded playlist. 

⁠Want more? Get in deep with automation, allowing you to tweak your transitions in more detail than you can imagine.

Auto transitions

Select your preset

Speed up your workflow by using transition presets. Use a range of prepared transition presets that come with curves and styles for volume, equalizer and effects to find the most fitting transition between two tracks.

A slow volume crossfade, a fast mid blend, a gradual filter switch-up, or even an instant bass swap - any of these can be achieved at the click of a button.

Select Transition Preset

We were impressed with the transitions that were automatically generated and the overall sequencing of the mixes (DJs can create their own manual transitions as well).

Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson
Tech Editor DJ Mag

Transition Customisation

Customise transitions in a vast amount of detail using the timeline-based editor, and create any transition you can imagine.

Pick the length, intensity, and type of transition, then jump into the detailed automation point system for drawing custom transition lines for many parameters -however you want.

Customize transitions

Infinitely Layered Transition Effects

Only got 2 hands? No problem, because DJ.Studio lets you mix like an octopus!

The transition editor lets you combine any of the effect types you want to - with any curve. Harness the transitional powers of volume, HPF/LPF filters, high/mid/low EQs, delay, reverb, looping, and more - all at the same time.

Lock finished work

Once you tuned a transition to perfection, lock the transition and move on to the next. No worries about accidentally losing the changes you've have made. By locking two tracks together, they will appear grouped in your playlist and move as one including their transition when you change the order of your tracks.

A locked transition in DJ.Studio

Level-Up Your Blend Game!

Test out the transition editor yourself with the free 14-day DJ.Studio trial!