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How To Make A Mixtape - The Ultimate Guide

Mixtapes are a great way to share songs with your friends, family, and fans - but what's the best method? Learn how to make a mixtape in here!

2 days agoHow to make a DJ mix7 minutes read

A Beginner's Guide to DJ Mixing Effects

Effects are the ultimate tool for DJs to add extra expression and interest to mixes, as well as create live remixes. Learn all about DJ effects in here!

2 days agoDJ mixing techniques7 minutes read

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Beat Matching

5 Best Beat Matching DJ Apps

Beatmatching is a core skill of DJing - and most software offers some handy features. But which is the best beatmatching app? Find out here!

9 days agoDJ mixing software5 minutes read

7 Best Apps For DJ Mixing

There are countless DJ apps on the market, but which is right for you? Find out all the answers in this comprehensive DJ app comparison.

9 days agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read
Best PC Mixer

The Best PC DJ Mixer - Is It DJ.Studio?

You can find a whole range of different PC DJ mixers on the market - find out the range of types, and which is best in this guide.

9 days agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read
DJ Mistakes

7 Bad DJ Mixing Mistakes to Avoid

Some mistakes make it obvious you are a beginner DJ - so avoid them at all costs. Discover common bad DJ mixing mistakes (and solutions) in here!

16 days agoDJ mixing techniques5 minutes read
DJ With Apple Music

DJ With Apple Music - Find Out How!

Apple Music is a fantastic platform for musical discovery- but can you use it for DJing? Find out the truth in this guide! And learn to DJ with Apple Music!

16 days agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read
Online mixing

DJ Mixing Online - Is This The Best App?

DJs can now take advantage of online mixing software - there's no need to buy any expensive gear! Find out the best online DJ software here.

16 days agoDJ mixing software5 minutes read
What equipment do DJ's use?

What Do DJs Use To Mix Music? The Truth Revealed

Traditionally, DJs need a lot of equipment to be able to create mixes, but this isn't the case today. Learn about all the types of DJ setups available here!

20 days agoHow to make a DJ mix8 minutes read
DJ.Studio compared to Ableton - great match

DJ.Studio vs Ableton Live: Software Comparison

DJ.Studio and Ableton Live are two powerful pieces of audio software - but which is best for you? Find out how to harness a revolutionary DJ workflow here!

27 days agoDJ mixing software8 minutes read

Mix Your Own Music in 7 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to make a mix of songs? It's a lot easier than you might think! Discover how to create mixes in minutes with DJ.Studio

last monthHow to make a DJ mix8 minutes read

Hip Hop DJ Mixing Techniques: 15 Key Skills

Hip-hop is closely associated with DJing - both concepts evolved symbiotically. Become the next hip-hop grandmaster DJ with this guide!

last monthDJ mixing techniques8 minutes read

How Does DJ Software Work? The Basics Explained

DJ software is the core of modern DJing - but how exactly does it work? Find out here, and discover the best DJ software recommendations available today!

last monthDJ mixing software9 minutes read

Tutorial: How To DJ With YouTube

YouTube is the ultimate music library, but it's never been easy to DJ with it - until now! Learn how to instantly mix music from YouTube using DJ.Studio.

last monthHow to make a DJ mix7 minutes read

The 5 Best AI Mixing Apps - DJ Futurism!

An AI music mixer can automatically create seamless playlists - there are a bunch of apps out there, but which is best?

last monthDJ mixing software5 minutes read

What Is Phrasing in DJ Mixing?

You can create more compelling and professional mixes by matching phrases. Learn what phrases are and how to phrase mix here!

2 months agoDJ mixing techniques12 minutes read

5 DJ Crossfade Techniques - Mix Like A Pro

A crossfade is a useful type of DJ transition where the volume of two tracks is changed simultaneously. Find out more here!

2 months agoDJ mixing techniques8 minutes read

11 Best DJ Software for Mac

Apple Macs are often a DJ's first choice, but what's the best DJ software to use on MacOS?

2 months ago12 minutes read

6 Best Free DJ Software and Apps

Looking for some powerful free DJ software? This review shows you all the best choices, and helps you find the right pick!

3 months agoDJ mixing software6 minutes read

AI DJ Software - The Future of DJing?

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world - but what about DJing? Discover AI powered music mixing with DJ.Studio!

3 months agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read
DJ.Studio is the best Software tool for fitness mixes

DJ Software for Fitness Instructors

Motivate your fitness workouts with a custom DJ mix of pumping tunes - no experience required! Instantly mix an energetic playlist now.

3 months agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read
The Best DJ Software For PC - DJ.Studio

DJ Software For PC - Which Is Best?

There's a lot of DJ software for PC, but not all of them are made equal. DJ.Studio has a unique approach to DJ mixing which is revolutionising the DJ game!

3 months agoDJ mixing software7 minutes read

The 6 Best DJ Software for Beginners in 2023

Are you a new DJ looking for the best mixing software? Click here to discover the best choices! There are lots out there, so find help in this guide!

5 months agoDJ mixing software15 minutes read

How to DJ Techno Music in 2023

To DJ mix Techno, you need to understand the core techniques of DJing, with some extra considerations of course!

5 months agoDJ mixing techniques9 minutes read

What Equipment Should a Beginner DJ Have?

The best guide to DJing equipment for beginners. Learn which DJ gear you need to start mixing & which DJ setups are the best for live DJ sets.

5 months agoHow to make a DJ mix15 minutes read

How to Organize Your DJ Music Library

Do you have trouble navigating your vast music library as a DJ? Learn how to manage your tracks and elevate your mix using DJ software!

5 months agoHow to make a DJ mix8 minutes read

How To Create A Radio Show - The 8-Step Method

Need to produce a mix for radio? This guide tells you all the secret tips and tricks to create mixes with the highest quality and much faster than you now do!

6 months agoHow to make a DJ mix8 minutes read
How to find the BPM of a song

Discover the Beat: How to Find the BPM of Songs

Learn all about music tempo for DJ mixing and how to find the BPM of any song using 3 simple methods, including our innovative DJ.Studio software.

6 months agoDJ mixing features6 minutes read
DJs can find music in three main places: online digital music stores, streaming services, and record pools.

How Do DJs Fill Their Music Libraries?

Where Do DJs Get Music? Online stores like Beatport, streaming services like Soundcloud or DJ record pools. Explore the options here!

6 months ago9 minutes read
Mixing songs with the same or similar BPM is the key to creating more seamless DJ mixes.

What is a BPM Finder and how to use it?

Knowing the BPM of a song is vital to creating seamless, cohesive DJ mixes. Here’s how a BPM finder works and how to use the right BPM finder for your mix.

6 months agoDJ mixing features6 minutes read

What Is Harmonic Mixing? A Pro DJs Secret Trick?

Using harmonic mixing makes your DJ sets stand out with a perfect flow - find out how to use it here. With these tips you will be the star DJ of the evening.

6 months agoHarmonic mixing10 minutes read

What Is the Camelot Wheel? Fix Your DJ Mix

Using the Camelot Wheel will improve the professionalism and coherency of your DJ mixes. Find out how to use effortlessly it here!

6 months agoHarmonic mixing8 minutes read

The 7 Best DJ Mixing App Downloads In 2023

With so much DJ software out there, it's hard to know what's best... This guide reveals the secret to finding the perfect DJ tools.

6 months agoDJ mixing software10 minutes read

How to DJ on a Laptop

How do I DJ on a laptop? Find out what to consider when beginning your journey as a digital DJ. Discover which laptop, software and hardware you need

6 months agoHow to make a DJ mix7 minutes read

What Is The DJ Circle of Fifths for DJ Mixing?

The circle of fifths is a highly valuable tool for music theory. Understanding how to use it for harmonic mixing gives DJs a powerful advantage.

6 months agoHarmonic mixing8 minutes read

What is DJ mixing?

What is DJ mixing and how you can get started creating your first mix. Learn about the fundamentals of DJing!

6 months agoHow to make a DJ mix4 minutes read

The 7 Steps to Make a Good DJ Mix

Interested in learning how to mix tracks like a pro-DJ? This guide has the information and tips you need to arrange, mix, record and share your mix.

6 months agoHow to make a DJ mix12 minutes read
Ways to find the key of a song

4 Ways to Determine the Key of a Song

If you don’t know how to find the key of a song, this article discusses in depth four ways to determine the key of a song. 

6 months agoDJ mixing techniques7 minutes read

What Is the BPM of House Music?

Wondering about the bpm of house music? How many beats per minute do house music tracks generally range? Learn all about BPM and the House music genre.

7 months agoDJ mixing features5 minutes read
musical keys on your keyboard

A Beginner's Guide to Music Key Graph

Understanding musical keys is an essential skill for anyone working in music. As a DJ, this will take your sound from amateur to professional!

7 months agoHarmonic mixing8 minutes read
Amsterdam Dance Event 2022

DJ.Studio and Amsterdam Dance Event

The DJ.Studio team was happy to present the first version of the software during the most important music event for electronic music: Amsterdam Dance Event.

10 months agoProduct updates5 minutes read