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How To DJ With Spotify In 2024

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Spotify is the world's leading online music streaming platform, but is it any good for DJs?

It used to work with a wide range of DJ apps - but after changes made in 2019, it's nearly impossible to DJ with Spotify in the traditional sense. Luckily, a new DJ platform has made it possible to make full DJ mixes from Spotify!

It's now possible to make full, seamless, and shareable mixes - all using tracks and playlists from Spotify.

In this guide, I'll share some secret tricks for DJing with Spotify, and recommend the best Spotify DJ software.

TL;DR - How To DJ With Spotify#

  • Spotify is a great tool for finding new music and making playlists.

  • In 2019 Spotify discontinued their DJ integration, breaking Spotify DJ apps.

  • There are now only a couple of DJ apps that can use Spotify.

  • DJ.Studio is one of the best DJ apps for mixing Spotify playlists and converting Spotify playlists to DJ mixes.

DJing With Spotify Explained#

Spotify DJ

While you can DJ using Spotify music, the process is a bit more convoluted compared to using standard DJ software and a downloaded music library.

A few years ago, Spotify had much better integration with third-party DJ apps, although in 2019 Spotify discontinued their DJ integration features - meaning that the option of DJing with Spotify became much more limited - and not possible for live DJ applications.

One thing to note is that you can't download Spotify music and DJ with it. Because it's a streaming service, you can only mix Spotify songs through some kind of streaming system. This can make it tricky to share finished mixes, as you legally aren't allowed to record them and redistribute them - they have to be listened to through Spotify in real-time.

Luckily some workarounds mean you can make mixes with music from Spotify and not need an account to listen to it (explained in the next section).

If you want to DJ with Spotify, there used to be a couple of different options - although today you have fewer choices.

What are the Options to DJ with Spotify

  • Spotify DJ Mode - This AI-powered virtual DJ inside the Spotify app creates automatic playlists and has an AI DJ voice! You can't use it to create DJ mixes from Spotify tracks in the traditional sense, and you'll need a Spotify premium account.

  • Live DJ Software - Some DJ apps used to let you play Spotify songs and mix them in real-time. The Pacemaker DJ app was a good option, although this has been discontinued due to Spotify's restrictions.

  • Studio DJ Software - DJ.Studio is a new tool for creating DJ mixes, and thanks to some clever engineering, it can turn Spotify playlists into seamless, shareable mixes! This means you don't need to illegally download Spotify songs!

These days, the only viable option for DJing with Spotify is using DJ.Studio to create mixes.

If you want DJ live using other streaming services, some of the best options are using Beatport with rekordbox and Virtual DJ, or something like Amazon or Apple Music on an Engine DJ device.

Now, let's look at how you can use DJ.Studio to create mixes using your Spotify playlists.

To Summarize - here are the three main steps to mix Spotify music using DJ.Studio:

  1. Create a Spotify playlist.

  2. Import the playlist into DJ.Studio, and make edits and transitions.

  3. Share your finished mix!

Keep reading to explore this process in more detail!

Using DJ.Studio to DJ with Spotify#

dj studio carousel

DJ.Studio is a unique piece of DJ software that offers a powerful new workflow that is different from the paradigm. This software makes it super easy for anybody to create a seamless, DJ-style mix - even if they have no DJ experience.

Rather than revolving around a traditional (mixer and decks) setup simulation, DJ.Studio offers a system that is closer to audio editing software - but designed with features for DJs rather than traditional editing tasks.

It's been designed to be highly intuitive and is full of smart features that do the tricky work for you. Even if you've never edited audio before, you'll be able to create a sweet mix. You just need to know what music you want to use!

This timeline system has a range of benefits over traditional software and makes the mix creation process much more efficient, faster, easier, and more expressive.

Check out other information on our website to find out more about the software!

A unique feature of DJ.Studio is the ability to create DJ sets from Spotify!

Unlike other DJ software, DJ.studio has been designed in a way that means you can use Spotify playlists to create full, seamless, and shareable mixes.

Follow these instructions to make a DJ mix on Spotify:

  1. Create a Spotify playlist with all the music you want to mix. Copy the URL for the playlist when you are happy with the contents.

  2. Open the DJ.Studio app (and make an account if you haven't got one).

  3. Start a new mix, using the YouTube mode.

  4. Click Add Tracks to open the library browser. From here, Select the Spotify tab from the top menu.

  5. You will now see a Spotify search window. Simply paste in the URL link for your Spotify mix and hit search.

    dj studio spotify search
  6. DJ.Studio will now scan the Spotify playlist. Wait for DJ.Studio to convert Spotify music to a mix project

  7. You will now see all of the tracks in the playlist in the library. From here you can add individual tracks to your mix, or simply click the + icon at the top of the list to add all the tracks.

    dj studio spotfiy track list
  8. Now you are ready to start editing and refining your mix (explained next).

As you can see, DJ.Studio offers a clever system to mix with Spotify. Rather than mixing with the audio from Spotify (which isn't possible anymore), DJ.Studio offers a different solution. 

This actually has a bunch of advantages:

  • You can mix with your Spotify playlists.

  • You don't need to buy or download any music.

  • You can create shareable links for people to listen to your mixes.

  • People who listen to your shared mix don't need a Spotify (or YouTube) account to enjoy your mix! All they need is the URL link to your mix - which can even be used on a mobile device.

The steps above only show the first stage of mixing Spotify - how to get music from Spotify into the DJ.Studio mixing software.

The next steps show you how you can use DJ.Studio to refine your Spotify mix, and create more exciting DJ transitions.

dj studio timeline editor
  1. After importing tracks from Spotify, try using the automix algorithm to automatically arrange your mix using harmonic mixing and beat-matching. DJ.Studio will place transition presets between each track to make a seamless mix from start to end.

  2. Here, you can use the various views and editing modes to make more detailed changes to your mix, including:

    1. Change the order of tracks using the playlist view.

    2. Adjust the start, end, and placement positions of tracks to adjust how one track flows into the other in the timeline. You can also delete or duplicate parts of tracks to adjust the arrangement.

    3. Use the transition editor to refine how the mixer transitions from track to track. You can use basic presets, or use a detailed automation editor which lets you draw in the parameters on a timeline.

    4. Use effects to add more expression and creativity to the mix.

    5. You can use the two additional sample lanes to add sample FX like breaks, risers, drops, and jingles.

  3. When you are happy with your mix, it's time to share it! Simply click the Share button in the top right of the screen. This opens the sharing interface where you can add info to your mix, including a title, DJ name, genre, and description. You're then given a URL link for you to share around. Listeners don't even need to make a Spotify or DJ.Studio account to enjoy your mix!

This mix demonstrates how DJ.Studio shares Online mixes. 

sharing dj studio projects online

These instructions only just scratch the surface of what is possible in DJ.Studio. If you want to get deeper with this software then I suggest you check out our academy or other blog posts.

Get started with DJ.Studio today for free with the 14-day trial!

What Else can DJ.Studio Do#

dj studio transtion effects

Besides mixing with Spotify, DJ.Studio is packed full of other features. This makes it one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of DJ software available!

Here are some of the other cool features offered by DJ.Studio:

Powerful Automixing

dj studio automix ai

The cutting-edge automix algorithm included in DJ.Studio gives beginners the power and sound of professional DJs. By harmonically mixing and beat matching your tracks, you can be sure that your mixes will sound slick and coherent, without any nasty clashes. This means you can make perfect mixes in a matter of minutes. Your listeners will think you are a true pro DJ!

Transition editor

The rich transition editor gives you the best of both worlds: speed and depth.

Presets give you instant inspiration, but the deeper editor lets you get as expressive and creative as you want. You can automate across all the parameters, including bass, mid, treble, volume, filters, effects, and more!

This lets you create smooth fades and high-impact transitions from track to track. The style is totally up to you! You have unlimited creative freedom for your transitions.

Timeline editing

The unique timeline editor interface gives you an unprecedented advantage when it comes to making mixes. No need to spend hours rehearsing, or re-recording your mistakes. Take as much time as you want to carefully arrange tracks on the timeline, get the best overview for phrasing, and see your mix from start to finish.

Video Creator

DJ.Studio even features a built-in video creation tool - which reacts to the audio of your mixes. This music visualizer is easy to use and requires no video experience. This means you can quickly make the perfect visual accompaniment to your mix to hypnotize and entice your audience.

You can use trippy visuals, layer them with album artwork and track information, and add a moving audio spectrum. Make sure you add your own images and text to the video for more personalization! 

At the end of 2023 we added integration with Shadertoy, giving access to over 30,000 user-programmed animations, giving you a huge new level of visual creativity.

Note - that you need to be working in Local File mode, rather than Online mode to use this feature.

3rd Party Integration

DJ.Studio is connected to a wide range of other DJ apps - both in and out. This means you can use your music library from apps like rekordbox, Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor, iTunes, and more - all from within DJ.Studio.

The other way around, you can send mixes back to DJ software using DJ set files. This means you can experiment and prepare mixes in DJ.Studio, and then send them to your main DJ software to perform live.

We also have some great integrations with Mixed In Key and 1001Tracklists to give you more detailed analysis, and a powerful tool for discovering new music!

YouTube Mixing

DJ.Studio has tight integration with YouTube letting you create mixes entirely from YouTube videos and YouTube music. This gives you the perfect tool to experiment with mixing tracks before you buy them. You can even share the youtube mixes online, letting you promote yourself as a DJ and reach a wide audience, without needing to download any music!

How To DJ With YouTube In DJ.Studio!

Flexible Export

DJ.Studio lets you export finished mixes to a wide range of locations.

If you are working in Local File Mode, you can start by bouncing a basic audio file (mp3 or WAV). Alternatively, you can export your video creations as a YouTube video, which also includes all the tracklist and timestamp information to automatically create chapters in the YouTube player timeline. DJ.Studio even lets you export your mixes to MixCloud or as a multi-track Ableton Live project for further editing.

If you are in YouTube mode, mixes are exported as online URL links that play in your web browser.

You can see examples of these mixes here: DJ.Studio Community Mixes

Continuous Development and Support

2023 marked the start of DJ.Studio's journey and we are only at the beginning! The platform takes into account user feedback to shape future development. We also have an active live chat support feature so you can reach out to us for advice at any time of the day.

Extra tips for DJing with Spotify#

Here are some extra tips to help you make better mixes when mixing with Spotify and DJ.Studio.

Turn Your Favorite Playlists Into Mixes#

DJ.Studio makes it so quick and easy to make mixes out of your Spotify playlists. Because of this, you could make mixes out of all your favorite Spotify playlists.

I had a bunch of playlists that I would listen to on repeat, so I imported them into DJ.Studio, made some cool mixes and then made a bookmark folder of my mixes. This was a great way to spice up my Spotify playlist listening sessions into a more exciting mix with transitions instead of gaps!

Curate Diverse Playlists#

Create playlists on Spotify with diverse tracks. DJ.Studio allows you to turn these playlists into mixes, so having a variety of genres and moods can help you craft interesting and engaging mixes.

Experiment with Transitions#

DJ.Studio offers various transition presets. Experiment with different transitions to find what works best for your mix. You can create smooth fades or sharp transitions depending on the mood you want to set.

Utilize the Timeline Editor#

Take advantage of DJ.Studio's unique timeline editor. Spend time arranging tracks, adjusting phrasing, and experimenting with different placements. This tool allows for precise control over your mix, ensuring a seamless flow of music.

Add Effects Creatively#

DJ.Studio provides effects that can add creativity to your mixes. Experiment with effects like filters reverb, and echoes to add excitement to specific parts of your mix. Don't overdo it; subtlety often works best.

Practice Harmonic Mixing#

Use harmonic mixing techniques to ensure harmonically compatible tracks are mixed together. DJ.Studio's automix algorithm can assist in achieving harmonic transitions effortlessly.

You can also take advantage of the DJ.Studio Energy Table for more control over the flow of your mix.

Engage with Your Audience#

When sharing your mixes, engage with your audience.

Ask for feedback, respond to comments, and build a community around your mixes. Social media platforms can be great for reaching a wider audience.

Promote Your Mixes#

Share your mixes on platforms like Mixcloud, YouTube, or social media. DJ.Studio allows you to export your mixes in various formats, making it easy to share them online. Include tracklists and relevant information to attract more listeners.

Collaborate with Other DJs#

Consider collaborating with other DJs or artists. You can create joint playlists, allowing both of you to showcase your mixing skills. Collaboration often leads to exposure to each other's audience.

Stay Updated#

Keep an eye on DJ.Studio's updates. Software enhancements might introduce new features and possibilities for your mixes. Staying updated ensures you're making the most out of the available tools.

Learn from Other DJs#

Listen to mixes created by other DJs using DJ.Studio. Analyze their techniques, transitions, and use of effects. Learning from others can provide valuable insights into refining your own mixing style.


Now it's time for you to go and make your own mix with Spotify tunes!

This setup is a great way to experiment with songs and make mixes without needing to buy any music. All you need is a Spotify account and the right DJ Software!

This is just one of the many unique offerings of DJ.Studio - so make sure you look around our website for more information.

You might also be interested in learning how to DJ with Apple Music, check out our full guide on the topic!

If you're interested, you can try DJ.Studio for free using the 14-day trial!

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