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Top 11 Best DJ Software for 2024: Reviews and Downloads

During my time as a DJ I've tried most of the DJ software - both in the DJ booth and at home. I've seen the evolution of the competing platforms, and have experienced first-hand how some are better than others. 

While the core features of most DJ software are largely the same, there is still a fair amount of variety from DJ software platform to platform. In terms of interface, functions, design, and overall quality, while they are all similar, none are identical. 

I think the main difference is that some DJ mixing software programs are more suitable for certain situations than others. For example, Serato DJ is better for scratch DJs, but rekordbox is better for professional DJs who play regularly in different clubs.

Regardless of what your needs are, there are some clear winners in this category, but equally, there are som more niche options will be better suited to certain DJing tasks. 

I'll explain all of these differences in the review below, and I'll give you some tips on working out which DJ software is most suitable for your style as a DJ!

TL;DR - The Best DJ Software #

  • DJs have a wide range of DJ apps to choose from, most are similar, but they all have slightly differing designs. 

  • Some of the best options include rekordbox, DJ.Studio, Virtual DJ, Serato, and Traktor. 

  • Most popular DJ software comes with a few tiers of pricing, often starting with a free version and working its way up to the pro editions. 

  • DJ.Studio is the most unique DJ software and gives users a new way to make DJ mixes.

The 11 Best DJ Software Downloads in 2024#

In my opinion, these are the best DJ software options on the market today 

1) DJ.Studio - Try Now!#

A revolutionary new approach to DJing, giving you the ability to make mixes on a timeline, without needing any DJ equipment. 


  • Access unique, powerful features and workflows for making DJ mixes. 

  • Offers broad integration with most popular DJ software.

  • Boost your productivity and reach as a DJ.


  • Not designed for mixing live to an audience.

  • The workflow may be unfamiliar to experienced DJs. 


  • DJ.Studio can be accessed via a monthly subscription service, or one-off payment.

  • There are two main versions, Lite, and Pro: See the latest prices here!

If you're looking for a piece of DJ software that stands out from the crowd, I think DJ.Studio is worth looking into. Unlike all the other options on this list, DJ.Studio doesn't require any DJ hardware or DJ gear to make seamless mixes. 

This DJ application takes inspiration for audio editors and music production DAWs, but applies it to DJing - allowing you to create pristine DJ sets just using your laptop. The workflow is very different to all the other DJ software on this list, as it doesn't revolve around a DJ controller. 

As I will explain in the second half of this guide, the most versatile setup and workflow for DJs is to use both DJ.Studio, and some other live DJing apps like the ones below. This gives you the best of both worlds, and helps you to maximize your workflow and productivity, thus helping you to grow your reach and audience quicker as a DJ. 

In essence, you make mixes on a timeline, with a bunch of cool features and integrations, like Stem Separation, DJing with YouTube, Spotify, and Beatport, AI Automix Assistance, Sample layering, built-in mastering, and many other features. 

I don't have space to explain it all here, so check out the rest of the DJ.Studio website, and the video below. 

2) rekordbox DJ - Download Here #

A robust DJ software with seamless integration with Pioneer DJ gear, which is widely seen as one of the biggest industry standards and most common formats.  


  • Excellent library management

  • Seamless Pioneer hardware integration

  • Advanced performance features


  • UI can feel cluttered without tweaking 

  • Sometimes the beatgrid is inaccurate

  • Paid versions are subscription only. 

Pricing - See All Rekordbox Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free

  • Core Plan: $9.99/month

  • Creative Plan: $14.99/month

  • Professional Plan: $29.99/month


Next up, we have rekordbox from Pioneer/Alpha Theta, which is my favorite live performance DJ software, but is also widely recognized the main industry standard. 

Particularly with the recent release of Rekordbox 7, it's become an even more attractive option, that I think stands out from many of the competitors. Maybe it's the longstanding heritage and commonness in clubs and venues, but there's something about rekordbox that I find to be the best for live DJing. 

rekordbox obviously has all the main features you need for DJing, but it also comes with a bunch of other cool functions, sometimes locked behind a range of subscription tiers. These include things like integrations with streaming platform, cloud storage for your library and cues, and light show sync. 

I also find the key analysis to generally be more accurate than the options below, as is the beat grid analysis. Although, I think there is still a fair amount of room for improvement in the beat gridding, as sometimes it is a little off. 

I'm a huge fan of rekordbox, and use it as my main DJ software with a Pioneer controller. I love the fact that the free version is very fully featured. I actually use the free version and have never felt myself needing to pay for the upgrades, although I can see why more professional DJs might be tempted to.

Overall, I would rank rekordbox above all the other live DJing software options below, simply because of it's super high stability, how it's the industry standard in clubs, the power of the free version, and the wide range of useful features. 

3) Serato DJ Pro - Download Here#

A professional-grade DJ software known for its focus on scratching and digital vinyl system integration. 


  • High-quality FX and sampler

  • Extensive hardware support

  • The best DVS systems


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners

  • Requires powerful & expensive hardware

Pricing - See All Serato Prices

  • Serato DJ Lite: Free

  • Serato DJ Pro: $9.99/month or $249 one-time 

  • Serato DJ Suite: $14.99/month or $449 one-time 

  • Serato DJ Club Kit: $11.99/month​ 


Serato is another popular option in the DJing community, with a particular emphasis on 'performance DJing', which is a more expressive and dynamic style of DJing revolivng around scratching, cool DJ tricks, and heavy effects suage to make live remixes. 

While I haven't used Serato much in the last few years, I spent many years using one of their Digital Vinyl System setups, which I think is the main attraction of this software over competitors. Their DVS systems let you use vinyl turntables, using special control discs and interfaces, to control your digital DJing software. This gives you the feel and performance factor of vinyl, but the flexibility and depth of digital software. 

Beyond the DVS support, I like how responsive Serato is, the simplicity and sleekness of the interface, and the broad set of effects and tools for live remixing. You can also buy some expansion packs, which give you more control over tracks and hardware. 

That said, I don't think it's very common in clubs and venues these days, which, in my experience, makes it less worth using and buying compared to rekordbox. 

Additionally, it does demand a powerful computer to run smoothly, which can be a downside for those on a budget, otherwise you're at risk of some software lag. 

4) Traktor Pro 3 - Download Link#

A versatile DJ software with advanced remixing capabilities, effects, and sampling. 


  • Excellent remix decks

  • Great beatgrid and BPM detection

  • Comprehensive effects


  • Interface can be overwhelming for beginners

  • Limited hardware compatibility


  • Traktor Pro 3: $99 one-time purchase


For me, Traktor Pro 3 is a great tool for remixing on the fly. Its remix decks and a large bank of effects and sampling tools give you tonnes of flexibility and depth in your performance and live remixing. I love the ability to grab samples from tracks and add them to pads on the fly, which is a fun tool not seen in many other apps. 

I do find the Traktor user interface to be a bit frustrating. Some important features are hidden behind some menu diving, which isn't ideal when you're jamming out on the decks, and I've had more stability issues with it than rekordbox, but it isn't a deal breaker. 

I would say that rekordbox, Traktor, and Serato are the 'big 3' when it comes to live DJing. They are all relatively similar in terms of core features and design, just with some variation in quality. I think the best choice for you depends on what mixing techniques you like, and what interface you find to be the easiest to understand. 

5) Virtual DJ - Download Link#

A feature-rich DJ software with a user-friendly interface 


  • Broad format support

  • User-friendly interface

  • Advanced real-time stem separation


  • Some frustrating paywalling

  • Free version is very limited


  • Home Use: Free

  • Pro Subscriber: $19/month

  • Pro Infinity: $299 one-time purchase​ 


Virtual DJ stands out to me with its user-friendly interface and broad format support. The real-time stem separation is a game-changer for creative mixing. However, I think the paywalling severely cripples this software for many users, and makes other choices more viable. For example, for free, you can only use it at home, without a controller - you'll need to pay to use it commercially, or with gear. It's still a great DJing app though!

6) Algoriddim djay Pro - Download Link#

A DJ software known for its AI-powered mixing capabilities 


  • AI-powered mixing

  • Integration with streaming services

  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited to certain platforms

  • Subscription-based model


  • djay Pro AI for Mac: $6.99/month or $49.99/year

  • djay Pro AI for iOS: $6.99/month or $49.99/year​ (DJGear2K)​


Algoriddim djay Pro's AI-powered mixing and streaming integration makes it incredibly user-friendly and innovative. It's particularly great for me when I want to quickly jump into DJing. The downside is its platform limitations and the subscription model.

7) Engine DJ - Download Link#

A useful library organizer software with Denon hardware integration.


  • Optimized for Denon DJ gear.

  • High-quality performance features.

  • Regular updates.


  • Unlike some DJ software, Engine DJ isn't a complete solution by itself. It works best when paired with Denon DJ gear, which might limit its appeal to users who don’t own this hardware.

  • The software has a steeper learning curve compared to more user-friendly options.

Pricing: Free, but you need Denon DJ gear to make the most of it.


Having used Engine DJ for a while, I find its integration with Denon DJ gear to be its standout feature. It provides a smooth and efficient workflow that enhances my DJing sessions. The high-quality performance features and regular updates keep the software feeling fresh and innovative. 

However, it's not a standalone solution and relies heavily on Denon DJ hardware, which might not suit everyone. Additionally, the learning curve can be steep for those new to DJing software.

Overall, Engine DJ is a powerful tool for those who are already invested in the Denon ecosystem.

8) Mixxx - Download Link#

A free, open-source DJ software with a wide range of features 


  • Completely free and open-source

  • Wide range of features

  • Supports various controllers


  • Less polished interface

  • Fewer updates and support

Pricing: Free​ 

Review: Mixxx is an amazing free option that doesn't skimp on features. It supports a variety of controllers and offers a wide range of tools for mixing. However, the interface is less polished, and you might find fewer updates and support compared to paid options. Being open-source, it's community developed, which has its own ups and downs. I've used Mixxx many times, and I'm a big fan of the ethos behind the project, although the delivery isn't as perfect as paid options. 

9) Cross DJ #

A straightforward mobile DJ app with handy controls and integrations. 


  • Works on Android and iOs

  • Can connect to many DJ controllers

  • Perfect for DJing on the go


  • Limited features compared to top-tier software

  • Only works on mobile phones, not a pro solution


Cross DJ is a fun DJ application that can be used on your Android or iPhone. It has all the features you need to mix from your mobile. I think Cross DJ can be a blast to mess around on, and even perfrom half-decent DJ sets in a pinch, however it doesn't have the pro-grade features that other PC DJ software offers!

10) Ableton Live - Download Link#

A powerful music production DAW that has some use for DJs


  • Versatile for both DJing and production

  • Advanced warping and sequencing

  • Extensive plugin support


  • Expensive

  • Not as DJ-focused as other software


  • Ableton Live Intro: $99

  • Ableton Live Standard: $449

  • Ableton Live Suite: $749​


Ableton Live isn't strictly a piece of DJing software, however, it's still useful for DJs. Ableton is mostly focused on music production, but it still has a range of functions and tools that are beneficial for DJs to take advantage of, like editing, beatgriding, and the ability to sync with other hardware. I would suggest learning Ableton as an additional tool in your DJ setup. It's definitely not suitable to use as your main DJ software, but it's still valuable to understand. 

11) Serato Studio - Download Link#

A hybrid DJ and production software that's great for creating unique sets 


  • Combines DJing and production

  • Intuitive interface

  • Great for beat making


  • Limited DJ features compared to Serato DJ Pro

  • Subscription required for full features


  • Free version: Limited features

  • Subscription: $9.99/month or $99/year​ (Serato)​

Review: Serato Studio is a fantastic hybrid tool for DJs who also want to delve into production. Its intuitive interface makes beat making a breeze. However, it lacks some of the advanced DJ features found in Serato DJ Pro and requires a subscription for full access. 

I also don't think it's as well suited for music production like the big names such as Ableton and FL Studio, but it's still a fun tool for making beats and remixes with ease. 

Important DJ Software Advice - Use a 'Hybrid' DJ Setup!#

Now you're aware of the best DJ software options on the market today, I'd like to explain about my DJ setup, and why I think you should use it. 

Rather than saying - I think X DJ software is best (in my case, rekordbox), I would urge you to look into a hybrid mixing workflow. 

Whether you're using rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato, or any of the other live apps, I think there is one tool you can add to your kit to make a huge difference to your productivity, efficiency, and creativity as a DJ - a hybrid workflow. 

By using both live DJ software (e.g rekordbox) and studio DJ software (like DJ.Studio) you can reap the benefits of both software types in your workflow. This opens up many new options and creative doors as a DJ, and can help you to make more refined, better thought out, and more impressive DJ mixes overall. 

In essence, a hybrid workflow involves using both Studio and Live DJ software to plan, prepare, and produce DJ mixes. (I'm using DJ.Studio and rekordbox). 

Here is the type of things I can do with my hybrid workflow:

  • Plan and experiment with new music in DJ.Studio. I like to use the AI automix, timeline editor, and Beatport/YouTube/Spotify integrations to test out new music and setlists. Then I send my prepped setlists to rekordbox to mix live for a show. 

  • Recreating live mixes. Sometimes I'll improvise a cool mix at a show, but only have a low quality recording. DJ.Studio makes it easy for me to recreate mixes in high quality. 

  • Creating Promo Mixes - DJ.Studio makes it super quick to create and export mixes and mixtapes. I like to use this to quickly make a lot of high quality DJ mixes to share on my YouTube and other platforms, as a way to easily and continuously expand my reach and online presence. 

These are just some of the options DJ.Studio gives you, so make sure you check it out yourself and experience how it can level up your DJing!


When it comes to choosing your new DJ software, I think the best method is to always try before you buy. I think basically all of the above apps have some kind of free version or trial - so download them, have a play, and see which feels best to you. 

I personally think a combo of rekordbox and DJ.Studio gives you the most strength and versatility - but everyone has slightly different tastes!

You can start using DJ.Studio for free with this link - try DJ.Studio today!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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