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DJ Carlo: The Chat GPT of DJing is here

In one of his amazing instruction videos, DJ Carlo explains how DJ.Studio can change your life as a DJ and can turn any playlist into a seamless DJ mix.

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“Make mixes out of any playlist”

Watch how DJ Carlo explains DJ.Studio’s ability to interpret track BPM and Keys and find the perfect harmonic mix. With DJ.Studio you’re no longer wasting time and energy to figure out which songs to together.

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Imagine what you could do

For DJs this app is insane!

“You can literally make mixes of your playlist regardless of what DJ software you use. If you’re a DJ who has 500 songs to mix for a radio show or wedding, just fire up this app and let it do the heavy lifting for you. In seconds you’ll have a perfectly ordered mix featuring smooth and seamless transitions.”

Record holding DJ Teacher

Not only is DJ Carlo an international Champion DJ known for his amazing technical DJ skills, as the author of the most viewed “How To DJ” video YouTube, DJ Carlo is a legend amongst teachers.