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Fits in your workflow

Seamlessly connects with your existing DJ software. Import tracks from your music libraries, share your mixes on various music platforms, or export DJ sets for live performances.

Integrated Track selection from your music library

Enjoy comprehensive integration with Mixed In Key, rekordbox, Serato, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, TRAKTOR, and iTunes in one seamless platform. Effortlessly discover tracks from your existing playlists, speeding up the incorporation of songs into your sets without the hassle of switching between software. Synchronize hot cues and phrases, allowing you to stay fully focused on your mix.

Mixed In Key
Serato DJ Pro

Sync track information

Easily bring info from your music library to DJ.Studio for perfect mixes:

  • rekordbox: Sync phrases and cue points live.
  • Serato: Import cue points and sync them live.
  • Mixed In Key: Analyze tracks with MIK for key info, energy levels, and cue points.

Use Mixed In Key, rekordbox or Serato with DJ.Studio

Talking about tight integration, the way it works with rekordbox is excellent. If you’ve prepped your tracks using rekordbox, all your cue points and markers will be present in DJ.Studio.

Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson
Tech Editor DJ Mag

Edit your tracks

Unleash your creativity by customizing tracks—add loops, trim sections, shorten songs, and apply effects to give them your unique touch.

Sample Lane Editor

Elevate your mixes with additional samples, jingles, DJ tags, and effects.

Upload samples or generate them instantly from tracks. Easily extract any section of a song and include it in your global sample library. Apply effects, filters, EQ, and automation to samples independently of the two song channels, providing limitless creative freedom in your projects.

Tracks selected? Let's start Automixing

The Automix feature is a huge time saver because is calculates the best order of the tracks in your mix.... in seconds!