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Noah Feasey-Kemp: Our DJ Blogger

Through the DJ.Studio blog, Noah shares his expertise in the areas of Music theory, DJ Mixing and Music Production.

If you have any questions about DJ.Studio, DJing, and music production & tech, Noah is your man.

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“I’d always been a music lover”

My passion for DJing started when I was around 15 years old, but my musical journey began much sooner.

I’d always been a music lover, I’d played guitar throughout my childhood and was constantly listening to music, playing in bands, and reading music magazines. My musical background was an interest in rock bands, but I discovered electronic music when I was 15, in 2010, with the rise of artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Crystal Castles. These artists inspired me to dive deeper into electronic music production and DJing.

Imagine what you could do

Starting with the primitives

“I got my first DJ ‘controller’ when I was 15. It was some second-hand, all-in-one unit. Pretty disgusting by today's standards, but it got the job done. It had no sync button, no effects, just some horrible EQs, volume and pitch faders, and nothing really on the displays. But I think learning on such primitive decks gave me a solid technical foundation. I was DJing at friend’s house parties as a teenager which was when I really started to develop my techniques and tastes. This was also when I got bitten by the vinyl bug.”

The trolley problem

"I moved to Bristol to study audio engineering at dBs Bristol University in 2014 when I got even more exposure to a fascinating and diverse music scene. This was an exhilarating time, where I also became part of the music community, and got a reputation for explorative vinyl DJ sets. I started playing local radios, and parties, and eventually got a residency at a central club. Because I was DJing vinyl at the time, didn’t drive, and was too broke to pay for a taxi, I used to push a crate of records across town to the club in a shopping trolley. I’d then lock the trolley to a lamp post with a bike lock…"

For the record

“During this time I also founded a small record label and began releasing my own music as well as tracks from other artists through Arkrecords.bandcamp.com. I started an online radio stream with my housemates, worked on numerous industrial projects as a music producer/engineer, started an audio production company, and worked in the office of the local Ujima Radio Station. It was during this period that I started blogging and writing about music.”

“Then Covid lockdowns hit, which put a pause on my DJing career, so I started focusing more on production and writing. I landed many great writing jobs for music websites like Audio Assemble, Loopcloud, VinylIQ, Really SimpleGuitar, Dear Reality, and many others.

In 2023 I started writing the DJ.Studio blog. I joined the company before the project went fully public. I was super excited to be a part of it, as I could tell that this unique project was incredibly valuable for DJs and many other people. I loved the software and was excited to share my knowledge with their audience and enlighten people on the power of DJ.Studio. 

Managing the DJ.Studio blog now takes up most of my time, but I also contribute to American Songwriter Magazine in the audio tech and instruments department. Additionally, I'm currently developing a new 3D audio software, audiocube.app.

If you have any questions about DJ.Studio, DJing, and music production & tech, I’m always open for a chat. You can reach me at noahfeaseykemp@gmail.com.”

The writing DJ

Noah picked up his first set of decks at age 15 and hasn’t stopped mixing since. Having experienced the life of a pro DJ, he now prefers making mixes in the quiet of his home and educating music lovers through writing. 

Reach out to him at noahfeaseykemp@gmail.com.