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Introducing DJ.Studio and Beatport Streaming

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp

DJ.Studio is proud to present a new collaboration with Beatport - integrating their Beatport Streaming services directly into the DJ.Studio app. 

Thanks to this partnership, DJ.Studio users can now enjoy endless access to Beatport Streaming’s enormous and constantly growing music library - using it to make DJ mixes with DJ.Studio’s innovative editing interface. 

As you will learn in this article, the powerful combination of these two platforms supercharges a DJ’s workflow at all stages - from track discovery to experimentation, refining, and finalizing mixes. 

Keep reading to discover a modern technique to create mixes and DJ!

TL;DR - Beatport Streaming & DJ.Studio#

  • Access the entire Beatport Streaming catalog inside the DJ.Studio app. 

  • You can experiment with any track, in full, with an Advanced (or higher) Beatport Streaming Account

  • Finished mixes can be shared on the Beatport community page, or downloaded with DJ.Studio’s revolutionary ‘Legalize’ feature.

  • This combination is perfect for generating ideas, designing new setlists, rapidly producing finished mixes, and exploring the Beatport DJ catalog. 

Collaboration Overview - DJ.Studio X Beatport Streaming#

dj studio beatport streaming process

The premise is simple - Beatport Streaming inside DJ.Studio.

I’ll explain both of these platforms in more detail in the following sections, but first, let me give you a brief overview of how this collaboration works. 

  1. Connect your Beatport Account to DJ.Studio. (It must be a Beatport Advanced or higher account).  

  2. Open the DJ.Studio app, and create a new Beatport project.

    Beatport interface in dj studio
  3. Add songs to your project from the Beatport catalog. You can search for tracks, artists, labels, and public playlists, browse the Top 100 genre charts, or scan your own collection of playlists and favorites. The library browser also lets you import Spotify music, or find inspiration from 1001Tracklists, converting it to Beatport Streaming links.

  4. After you’ve got enough tracks for a mix, you can start to order the setlist, or…

  5. Use DJ.Studio’s automix assistant - This helps to work out the optimal order for playlists based on key and tempo matching. You can select certain parameters to instruct the automixer on how to construct your set.

  6. Refine your mix - Now it’s time to get in deep with mix editing and start sculpting your set. You can craft your mix in endless levels of detail using DJ.Studio’s timeline editor. This takes inspiration from DAW-style workflows and applies it to DJing, so you can create the perfect mix without needing to rehearse or record a performance. 

  7. Export - When you’re happy with the mix, you are given two main export options. 

    1. Beatport Community - You can share your Beatport mixes on the online community page for other users to enjoy and interact with. This is a great place to get feedback on your mixes, as well as discover new music and find inspiration from other DJs. 

    2. Legalize - This is the exciting bit. The legalize mix function converts the streamable Beatport projects into a mix that you own. By creating a Beatport cart of any track in the mix you don’t own, you can buy all the files, download the purchased tracks, and then let DJ.Studio recreates the mix in a Local File project. This can be exported to other locations - like WAV/MP3, YouTube videos, and other DJ software. (But more on that later…)

      legalize beatport streaming in dj studio

This partnership is designed to streamline the mix creation process, as well as open new doors for creativity, experimentation, and DJ set planning. 

Rather than juggling endless tabs, apps, and folders - a DJ can start getting deep into the mix crafting process (with endless track access) all from a single app. This helps you to focus on artistic expression and minimizes logistical headaches. 

As you will see in the next sections, both of these platforms are super powerful on their own, but the combination is next level.

It combines the vast and inspirational Beatport Streaming library with the deep mix of crafting tools and workflow hacks of DJ.Studio - with a result that is quite special. 

What Exactly is Beatport Streaming?#

beatport Streaming front page

Beatport Streaming gives you access to the best tracks in electronic dance music with the extensive 12m+ Beatport catalog, plus ready-made playlists from our in-house experts and some of the best DJs in the industry.

Beatport Streaming is a subscription streaming service that gives DJs access to Beatport’s vast library of dance music - typically into Beatport-enabled devices. Beatport Streaming can be used in a wide range of DJ tools, including hardware and software designed for performance. 

This cloud DJing platform is the ultimate tool for music discovery. Whether you’re hunting for techno, disco, afro-beat, DnB, trap, house, amapiano, or countless other genres, you can be certain that Beatport will have the beats you’re looking for.

Unlike standard Beatport, Beatport Streaming lets you listen to any of the tracks in full, not limiting you to the standard 2-minute preview, letting you mix them live through your connected DJ gear. 

beatport streaming on track view

Another neat feature is the connection between Beatport Streaming and the mobile app. This means that you can use the mobile app to draft up some playlists while you’re on the move, and then drop them live when you’re at your main setup. 

There are three Beatport Streaming subscription types: Essential, Advanced, and Professional - with each tier unlocking additional integrations, resources, and quality levels. 

The DJ.Studio integration works with Beatport Streaming Advanced or Professional accounts. 

Talking of DJ.Studio…

What is DJ.Studio#

dj studio carousel new

If you’re not aware yet aware of DJ.Studio be prepared to discover an exciting new tool.

DJ.Studio is a unique piece of ‘studio’ DJ software - a DAW for DJs

Unlike traditional Live DJ software like rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Traktor, and so on, DJ.Studio’s design enables DJs to make mixes at their desks, with a mouse and keyboard alone. 

As you can see in the workflow overview above, this is a radically different method for producing finished mixes compared to recording live performances - and it speeds up the production process by removing hurdles and streamlining the method. 

DJ Studio editing timeline beatport streaming

In essence, it lets you craft your mix on a DAW-style timeline - but as you look closer, you’ll see that DJ.Studio offers a wide range of other features that are beneficial for DJs. 

Explore the website for more details, but here are some of the main features offered by DJ.Studio:

  • Unique Timeline Mix Creation - Take a new approach to DJ mixing, and refine your mixes over time with the detailed editing and arrangement tools, and sculpt the sweetest transitions of your life. 

  • Precise Automation - With the manual automation controls, you can adjust all and any of the parameters at the same time. This gives you a far greater level of control and expression than is possible when mixing with two hands on a set of decks. This automation detail opens up new levels of creativity, uniqueness, and dynamics in your mixes.

  • AI Automix Assistant  - Harness the power of AI, by using the automixer to assist you with harmonic mixing, beatmatching, transition creation, and more. 

  • Integration with Streaming Services  - Mix tunes from YouTube, Spotify, and Beatport to experiment with new tunes, and discover your next golden setlist. 

  • Video Creator - DJ.Studio can create audio-reactive, 3D animations thanks to the built-in video engine. With over 30,000 Shadertoy visualizers, you’ll never run out of inspirational graphics to hypnotize your audience. 

  • Sample Lanes Layer in samples, sound effects, loops, and DJ tags with the extra sample lanes. These also have beatmatching and independent FX processing for further customization. 

  • Versatile ExportExport your finished mixes to a broad range of formats and locations, including WAV/MP3, YouTube video, Mixcloud, Ableton Live, and your live DJ software…

  • Prepare Live Sets - Send your finished mixes to other live software like rekordbox and Serato. Some of these support our smart hot-cue system, which creates hot cues marking out when to start and end transitions on the track waveform.

This only scratches the surface of what DJ.Studio can do, so have a look around the website. Or even better - try it yourself with the free 14-day trial!


editing a mix with DJ studio

With this combination in your kit, you’ll be able to unlock new levels of creativity, productivity, and discovery. 

By incorporating both Beatport and DJ.Studio into your workflow, you can expect to find new music faster, have a deeper library thanks to the Beatport catalog, and speed up your production times. 

This unique software offering is changing the game for many DJs. 

You can test it all completely free, with DJ.Studio’s 14-day trial, paired with the two-month Beatport trial. Enjoy!

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