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How To Mix Spotify Playlists

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp |

Spotify is the perfect music library - essentially filled with an endless pool of songs for all musical tastes. If only this could be used by DJs to make mixes…

Oh, it can be - thanks to DJ.Studio. 

DJ.Studio is a new powerful friend for DJs. Among its unique features is the ability to create and edit seamless DJ-style mixes using music from Spotify. 

Even if you have no DJing experience, you can still use DJ.Studio to turn a Spotify playlist into a smooth mix.

As you will see in this guide, DJs and music lovers are now using DJ.Studio as an interface to plan and prepare mixes using Spotify music.

TL;DR - Making Spotify Mixes#

  • DJ.Studio can make seamless mixes with music on Spotify

  • Instantly import your Spotify playlists into a powerful DJ mix creator

  • Use DJ.Studio’s unique editing tools to craft the perfect mix

  • Share your mix online, and never waste a cent on buying tracks that you never use

See DJ.Studio & Spotify in action in the video below!

The Truth About Mixing Spotify#

Because Spotify is a streaming platform, there are some complications around using it as a DJing tool. They've also made several changes to their terms of service which has limited some interactions that used to be possible for DJs.

Back in the day, several DJ apps could connect with Spotify, letting you mix the music in real-time.

Sadly, Spotify has since removed this feature, making it largely impossible to DJ live using Spotify.

Several native features allow you to create rough mixes on your Spotify account, although these are not up to scratch for DJs. It basically just lets you create shared playlists, which Spotify blends with a basic crossfade - no beatmatching or slick transitions.

If you want to DJ with Spotify, you should check out DJ.Studio - which is explained in the second half of this post.

You might be interested in the Spotify Blend feature. This is a basic tool that lets you share your music tastes with friends...

What is a Spotify Blend Playlist?#

Spotify Blend Playlists are a feature in the app that lets you create playlists with friends, and get suggestions based on shared listening tastes. This can be a nice way to connect with your friends over music and discover new songs.

Follow these instructions to make a Spotify blend shared playlist:

  1. Create a Blend (you can think of this as a virtual 'music club')

    1. Go to your library, click '+', and select Blend.

    2. Click invite, and share the link with people you want to share the blend with.

    3. You can also add artists to your blend with the Artist's Blend invite link.

  2. You can now access a shared blend playlist from your library. These personalized playlists will be updated with new music daily, based on your group's recent listening.

How To Make A Spotify Mix - DJ.Studio#

how to make a spotify mix

If you want to make seamless, pro-sounding mixes from your Spotify playlists, DJ.Studio is the only way forward. It's the perfect tool to Transition Songs On Spotify.

This unique app turns anybody into a pro DJ - letting you harness the power of advanced DJ techniques - even if you have no DJing experience.

Before going into detail on exactly what DJ.Studio is, I’ll start by demonstrating how easily you can use it to start making a Spotify playlist.

  1. Open DJ.Studio - you can make Spotify mixes directly in your browser, or get more features in the installed app.

  2. Create a YouTube Mix Project. (You can also use DJ.Studio to DJ With YouTube).

  3. Open the Spotify Tab.

    dj studio spotify searchbar
  4. Either search for music with the bar or paste in a track of your Spotify playlist URL. Make sure the playlist is set to public in the Spotify app.

  5. Add tracks, or an entire playlist to your DJ.Studio setlist by clicking the symbols. DJ.Studio takes the links from Spotify and finds the song on YouTube. You can then choose the order of the tracks, or...

  6. (Optional) Use the automix feature. This automatically orders and arranges your songs based on their key and tempo, keeping the beats matched and the mixes harmonic. These are pretty advanced skills that usually take DJs years to master, however, you can benefit from these in a matter of seconds.

    dj studio automixer
  7. Further refine and personalize your mix. Using the detailed timeline editor and sample lanes. You can change transition points, edit the arrangement, add loops, effects, and more. After automixing, you'll see that DJ.Studio applies some transition presets - but you can customize your mix and transitions in as much detail as you want. This lets you create the perfect without any rehearsal or recording, or even much knowledge of DJing thanks to the intuitive interface.

  8. Share your mix with the DJ.Studio online mix player. Simply hit the Share button and enter the relevant details. This mix can then be shared with anyone on the internet using a QR code or URL - no account is needed for listening. 

    sharing a dj studio mix on spotify

Opening up creative doors and new realms of listening experiences, DJ.Studio gives anybody the skills to make seamless and high-quality mixes of music.

DJ.Studio is a powerful tool for many people. It's perfect for professional DJs who want to experiment with music before buying songs, but it's also ideal for music lovers, who want to easily turn their favorite music into a seamless mix - with minimal technical experience.

The Spotify workflow above is only one use case for DJ.Studio - and it has a huge range of other features that are great for DJs and mix lovers alike. There are simply too many features to share here, so make sure you fully explore the rest of this website for more information.


Now you're ready to turn your Spotify playlists into slick DJ-style mixes. With DJ.Studio's tools you can turn the clunky transitions of Spotify into a beautifully blended and seamless mix.
Have a look at the Community Mix Page to see what other people have created.

Try it out yourself for free today with the 14-day trial!

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