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Creating a Playlist in YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube is a fantastic platform for making playlists - whether it's music or videos. You can easily make and share playlists from any YouTube-enabled device - making it a great way to collect and organize your favorite music.

This is the ultimate guide to making playlists with YouTube. I'll explain how to make playlists on the browser and mobile version, as well as give you a bunch of other handy tips and tricks for getting more control over your lists.

I'll also share a secret new app that lets you turn your playlists into seamless DJ-style mixes with only a few button clicks - pretty cool!

TL;DR - Creating YouTube Playlists#

  • YouTube playlists are a quick and easy tool for organizing and sharing your favorite music

  • You can make YouTube playlists with a few clicks of a button

  • This guide shares extra secret tips for getting the most out of YouTube's playlist features

  • DJ.Studio instantly converts your YouTube playlists into seamless DJ-style mixes - no experience required!

Making YouTube Playlists: Ultimate Guide#

In the first section, I'll explain how you can create playlists on YouTube desktop and mobile. After, I'll give you some more detailed information and tips, and show you how you can Export A Playlist to other formats.

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How To Make A YouTube Playlist (Desktop/Browser)#

save youtube

Creating a YouTube playlist on the browser (desktop/laptop) version is super easy - here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign in to YouTube - Make sure you are signed in to your YouTube account. If you don't have one, you'll need to create an account.

  2. Choose the first video/song - Search for a video you want to use in the playlist and open it up.

  3. Save to Playlist/Create New Playlist - Click the button with three dots below the video > Click Save > Create new playlist. 

    create new
  4. Give Your Playlist a Name and Set Privacy - A window will pop up where you can enter a name for the playlist. Type in a title for your playlist and select whether you want it to be public or private. Click "Create" when you're done.

  5. Add Videos to Your Playlist - Now that your playlist is created, it's time to add videos. You can do this in a few ways:
    From Your Own Videos:

    1. Go to the video you want to add to the playlist.

    2. Click on the Save button below the video.

    3. Select your newly created playlist.

    From Other Videos:

    1. While watching a video, click on the Save button below the video.

    2. Choose your playlist from the list or create a new one.

  6. Organize Your Playlist - Once you've added videos, you can arrange their order by dragging and dropping them within the playlist. Click and hold the video, then move it to the desired position. You can open your playlist from the left-hand browser if needed.

  7. Customize Playlist Settings - On the playlist page, you can click on the three dots (more options) to access settings. Here, you can change the playlist's privacy settings, add a custom thumbnail, and more.

  8. Save Changes - Remember to save any changes you've made to your playlist.

Easy! That's your YouTube playlist made. You can share the playlist with others by copying the playlist link or by adjusting the privacy settings to make it public. You can also use YouTube Playlist Maker Apps for some extra functionality. This is a great tool to Make a Dance Party Playlist!

How To Make a Playlist on YouTube Mobile#

youtube mobile nmake playlist

The process for making a playlist on YouTube mobile is basically the same as desktop, but the locations are slightly different. Follow these steps to make a new YouTube playlist on your mobile or tablet.

  1. Open the YouTube App - Make sure you have the YouTube app installed on your mobile device. Open the app and sign in to your account if you're not already signed in.

  2. Navigate to a First Song/Video - Search for a video or song you want to use in your playlist.

  3. Create the Playlist - Under the video, look for the Save button. You may need to scroll to the right on the button bar to find it. You will see a popup saying "(Video Name) Added To Watch Later)". On the right of this popup, you will see a Change button. Tap this, then at the top right tap + New Playlist. 

    saved youtube mobile playlist
  4. Name Your Playlist and Set Privacy - Enter a name for your playlist in the provided field. You can also choose the privacy settings for your playlist. Once done, tap Create.

  5. Add Videos to Your Playlist - Now that your playlist is created, you can start adding videos to it. While watching a video, tap on the Save button below the video. Choose your playlist from the list or create a new one.

  6. Organize Your Playlist - You can rearrange the order of videos in your playlist by tapping and holding on a video, then dragging it to the desired position.

  7. Customize Playlist Settings (Optional) - If you want to customize your playlist further, you can tap on the three dots next to the playlist name. Here, you can edit the playlist details, change the privacy settings, and add a custom thumbnail.

  8. Save Changes - After making any adjustments, make sure to save your changes.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a playlist on YouTube using your mobile device. You can share your playlist by tapping on the "Share" button and choosing the appropriate sharing option.

Making Playlists on YouTube Music#

youtube music playlist

Follow these steps to make playlists on YouTube music.

  1. Open the YouTube Music App - You can do this in the browser or on your mobile. Make sure you are signed in.

  2. Create a New Playlist - Find the option to create a new playlist; this might be represented by a + New Playlist button. It's usually found in the left-hand menu.

    making new youtube music playlist
  3. Name Your Playlist, Add a Description, and Set Privacy - Enter a name for your playlist, fill out the description, and choose the privacy settings. Then hit Create to finish making the playlist.

  4. Add Tracks to Your Playlist - Now that your playlist is created, you can start adding tracks to it:

    1. Use the search bar to find a song.

    2. Tap on the song, then on the three dots.

    3. Select Save to playlist and choose your playlist.

  5. Organize Your Playlist - You can change the order of the tracks by tapping and holding a song, then dragging it to your preferred position.

  6. Customize Playlist Settings (Optional) - If you want to further customize your playlist, tap on the three dots next to the playlist name. Here, you can edit the playlist details, adjust the privacy settings, and even add a custom image.

  7. Save Changes - After making any changes, make sure to save them.

Extra YouTube Playlist Tips, Tricks, and Settings#

youtube playlist tips and tricks

Here are some extra tips and tricks to enhance and manage playlists on YouTube.

Collaborative Playlists#

youtube playlist collaboration

Make your playlist collaborative, allowing others to add their favorite songs. To do this, go to the playlist settings and enable Collaborate. You are then given a sharable link to give to your collaborators. This will let them add and reorganize videos.

Playlist Description#

Write a compelling description for your playlist. This can include information about the theme, your mood when creating it, or any interesting facts related to the songs.

Explore YouTube's Auto-generated Playlists#

YouTube often generates playlists based on your watch history. Explore these auto-generated playlists for new music recommendations and related videos

Use Filters#

In your Library, you can filter your playlists based on different criteria, making it easier to find specific playlists.

Offline Playback#

You can download your YouTube playlists for offline playback. This is useful for times when you don't have an internet connection. You will need YouTube Premium to do this.

Embed Playlists#

Share your playlists on websites or blogs by using the Embed option in the playlist settings. This allows you to showcase your favorite music on other platforms.

Check Playlist Analytics#

playlist analytics

If you're a content creator, check the YouTube analytics for your playlist. It provides insights into the performance, including views, watch time, and more. This can be accessed through YouTube Studio.

Create Themed Playlists#

Consider creating playlists based on themes, moods, or activities. Examples include "Workout Playlist," "Chill Vibes," or "Road Trip Tunes."

Final Tip! - Use ChatGPT to help you create playlist ideas, find out more here: How To Create A Playlist Using ChatGPT

Turn YouTube Playlists to Seamless Mixes: DJ.Studio#

dj studio carousel

Now you're an expert in making YouTube playlists, it's time to learn about an exciting use for them: making mixes in DJ.Studio - the ultimate DJ Transition App.

Sure, YouTube playlists are good at what they do, but they aren't exactly a perfect listening experience as they are. You have to wait for the next song to load, probably listen through a couple of ads, and then wait for the intro to play through the next song.

What if I told you, that all of these annoyances can be avoided with DJ.Studio?

Let me get stuck straight in and explain the process:

  1. Open DJ.Studio - you can install it to your PC, or simply run it in the browser.

  2. Create a new project, making sure you select the YouTube Project mode.

    create new youtube mix
  3. Add YouTube videos to your mix - There are multiple ways of doing this:

    1. Search directly inside DJ.Studio using its search bar

    2. Create a YouTube playlist on YouTube > copy the playlist URL (making sure it's set to public) > paste the URL into DJ.Studio, and import all the videos at once.

    3. Search for public YouTube playlists inside DJ.Studio and add multiple videos instantly.

  4. Use Automix - this optional stage uses AI to calculate the best music playlist order of songs based on the key and tempo of your playlist, making sure it is harmonically mixed and beat-matched.

  5. Refine your mix - use the transition and timeline editors to customize and refine your mix in as much detail as you want. Use loops, effects, extra samples, automation, and many other features to create fully seamless transitions and mixes with YouTube music.

    dj studio timeline transtion
  6. Share your finished mix! When the mix is done, simply click Share, enter the details, and it's ready to be shared using a URL or QR code. Anybody with the link can access the mix at any time, all they need is an internet connection, and no account is required.

    youtube export playlist dj studio

(Find out more about DJing With YouTube).

DJ.Studio also has a community mix sharing page. Here you can browse other people's mixes, and find new songs to add to your mix library! Find some extra inspiration on this process here: How to Make a DJ Playlist!

djstudio community mix page

This is just one potential workflow for DJ.Studio based on using YouTube playlists and videos as source material. In reality, it has a wide range of other features and functionalities that are ideal for DJs, mix creators, and humble music lovers. Explore the DJ.Studio Website for more information.


add youtube

With all of this YouTube playlist knowledge under your belt, you're probably excited to get to work.

Make sure to check out the YouTube integration with DJ.Studio, because this makes playlist creation much more expressive, and the listening experience more immersive.

It's perfect for music-based YouTube video creators, radio hosts, and countless other music enjoyers.

You can see for yourself now with the free 14-day DJ.Studio trial!

Throwing a party? Check out this guide - How to Make a Playlist for A Party: The Easy Way

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