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YouTube DJ Mix Platform - Create and Share YouTube Mixes

If you've had your ear to the ground over the last year, there's no doubt you'll have heard of DJ.Studio. This revolutionary DJ software gives DJs a new way to experiment with tracks, create mixes, and share their work.

This legendary DAW for DJs enables you to mix with any track on YouTube, Spotify, Beatport, or your downloaded library, and upgrades a DJ's workflow to make it faster, deeper, and more flexible.

This article looks at DJ.Studio's upgraded community mix platform, where you can create your own DJ profile, and share your mixes with the community.

TL;DR - Updates to DJ.Studio's YouTube Mix Platform#

  • DJ.Studio provides a platform for DJs to create and share mixes made with music from YouTube and Spotify.

  • Several recent updates to this platform make it even more valuable for DJs looking to spread their name.

  • DJs can share mixes, build their profile page, connect with other DJs, and promote their work to an active and engaged community.

  • The experimentation and feedback process enabled by this platform helps DJs refine their craft with a streamlined solution.

What is DJ.Studio?#

dj studio carousel

DJ.Studio is a modern type of DJ software, which provides a seamless mixing experience for users of any skill level - whether you are a brand-new DJ or a seasoned professional.

Rather than making you mix music live with a controller (like rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Serato etc) DJ.Studio uses a timeline-based mixing workflow, so you can mix with a computer and mouse alone. This presents several advantages over the traditional methods, particularly in terms of production speed, accuracy, and effort.

DJ.Studio also allows you to make DJ mixes with YouTube videos and YouTube Music, which isn't possible with controller-based solutions. 

dj studio timeline transtiion

Taking inspiration from music production DAWs, but tweaking the approach to suit DJs, DJ.Studio revolves around a timeline editor to craft DJ mixes using audio editing and effects automation. It's packed with a range of additional features that make the job easier for DJs.

DJ.Studio's Core Features#

  • Unique timeline DJ mix creation, making it easy to make mixes and remix songs

  • Powerful AI automix assistant to suggest the best order for your playlist with harmonic mixing

  • Rapid transition creator and editor to perfect the change between two songs

  • Mix music from streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, and Beatport - you can use it to Transition Songs on Spotify

  • Integrated with all major DJ software and music libraries (rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Serato, Traktor, iTunes, and many more...)

  • Sample lanes, so you can add extra samples, sound effects, voiceovers, and jingles

  • Rapid exporting, allows you to render mixes in a fraction of the time it would take to rehearse and record them live

  • Video Creator, so you can easily make animated audio-reactive videos to accompany your mixes

  • Constantly updated by a large and dedicated development team

How To Mix With DJ.Studio#

dj studio playlist creator software

Because DJ.Studio is connected to a wide range of other software and platforms, it has a range of workflows for creating mixes.

In this example, I'll explain how to create a YouTube mix and share it on our community platform. Check out the rest of the website to learn how to use DJ.Studio with other DJ software, Beatport, downloaded music, and other examples.

  1. Open DJ.Studio - You can use it in your browser, but the installed app is more stable and has all the features.

  2. Create a New Project - In this example we'll make a YouTube project, but the other options are Local File for working with downloads/other DJ libraries, or a Beatport project to use Beatport Streaming.

    create new dj studio project
  3. Build your Playlist - YouTube projects can pull music from a wide range of sources, and has several neat features for track discovery. You can search for tracks and playlists on YouTube/Spotify from directly within DJ.Studio, or you can drag and drop playlist links from your browser into the app. You should also check out the 1001Tracklists integration for more inspiration.

  4. Order the Playlist - You can manually structure your DJ mix in our Playlist view editor, or...

  5. AI Automix - Use our Automix assistant to analyze your playlist and suggest the best order using harmonic mixing and beatmatching, ensuring that no keys are clashing or beats are out of time.

    dj studio automix
  6. Refine and edit - Now you can start mixing the tracks together with more precision. use the timeline interface to tweak your mix in as much detail as you want. Loop, cut, copy, add samples, automate effects, design transitions - you can sculpt it exactly to your tastes.

  7. Export and Share - When you're happy with the mix, it's time to share it to our community platform (explained in more detail below). Because YouTube mixes use videos from YouTube, it's not legal to download them, but we made an online mix player where your friends and fans can stream your full mix for free with no ads! They don't even need an account, just share your mix link and it's party time!

    1. With Local File mixes, you get more exporting options, including the ability to create a WAV/MP3, YouTube video, export your mix to other DJ software, or even as an Ableton Live project.

      dj studio export mixes

This process of using YouTube to make shareable mixes is a valuable tool for DJs, as they can use it to test out new ideas and share mixes without needing to buy any music.

One of the most fun uses of this is making a mix to play at a party - as anybody can easily add in their favorite song and have it converted to a seamless mix - with only a little bit of free time!

Learn more about How to DJ with YouTube.

DJ.Studio's Community Platform: Explained#

Dj studio youtube community

The DJ.Studio Community Hub is one of the cool features of YouTube mix projects - this is your place to share mixes, interact with the DJ community, and find inspiration from other DJ's work.

We've spent a lot of time improving the look and feel of this community section, and it now has a lot of active and engaged users!

This platform has a range of features that help DJs connect with their audience and share their work.

1) Create a DJ.Studio Artist Profile#

dj studio mix profile

You can create a custom DJ.Studio artist profile. This is where everyone can see and play the mixes you created. It includes a biography, profile picture, and any links and information you want to share.

You can send this link to fans (or link it on your website), and they can easily listen to your mixes -without needing to sign up for an account themselves. People with DJ.Studio accounts can follow your profile, and all your latest mixes will go to the top of their feed.

Here are some cool examples:

Mike W


2) Your YouTube Mixes in a Sharable Place#

your youtube mixes in dj studio

You can share any of your DJ.Studio YouTube mixes on your profile page (if you choose to make them public). Users can then listen to your mixes, like them, and even start remixing them if you enable the option.

This is a great place to show off your skills as a selector and DJ, and is a useful platform to get feedback and recognition for your mixes. By putting a bunch of mixes in one place, listeners can easily discover a range of your work and get a full taste of your style as a DJ.

We are also working on a commenting system, where users can write comments on other mixes. This gives you an even deeper system for interacting with your fans and other DJs.

3) Embed your YouTube Mixes on Other Websites and Platforms#

embed youtube mixes from dj studio

You can easily embed your mixes on other websites and social media platforms. This gives you a powerful workflow: Make mixes with any YouTube music > Share mixes and connect with your audience.

This saves a lot of time and money compared to making mixes the traditional way - and by speeding up your workflow you can grow an audience faster and with less effort.

Using this YouTube mix workflow is the perfect tool for quickly generating promotional mixes, without the hassle of rehearsing, recording, and uploading.

Beatport Mix Projects#

dj studio beatport

There is a separate Beatport community section for Beatport Streaming users. This is where our Beatport seaming users can share their mixes with other Beatport Streaming DJs (without needing to buy all the tracks).

This works largely in the same way as the YouTube community, although you can't share the mixes to people who don't have a Beatport Streaming account. That said, you can use the Legalize feature to buy, download, and share your mix.

Find out more about DJ.Studio x Beatport Streaming


It's now time for you to get stuck in and try DJ.Studio yourself! You could start by checking out some mixes on the community platform and remixing one you like. Or you could just start your own YouTube mix from scratch.

Try it today with DJ.Studio's free 14-day trial!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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