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  2. 9 Steps to create your DJ mix

9 Steps to create your DJ mix

1. Add tracks from local pc#

⁠Open the Library tab of DJ Studio to Add tracks from your local pc.
We support MP3, FLAC and WAV files.

Add tracks on the library tab

2. Download the app#

Download the app of DJ.Studio to access your local music library from Mixed in Key, rekordbox, Serato. Those integrations are not completely finished, but we would really like to have your feedback on those integrations.

Download the app of DJ.Studio to integrate with Mixed in key, rekordbox or serato

3. Choose tracks for your project#

Add your tracks to your project on the Library tab by dragging them to the bottom of the screen. We advise you to add around 20-30 tracks to your mix. Adding more tracks will slow down the performance of DJ.Studio. 

Harmonic compatibility of tracks is shown via the green-yellow-orange color coding.

Color coding to show harmonic compatibility

4. Automix your tracks#

Click the Automix button in the center right of the Library screen to let DJ.Studio calculate the best harmonically optimized order of your tracks.

Use the ^ button to the right of the Automix button to remove the Library from the screen, so you can take a better look at the result of the Automix.

5. Solve issues#

Solve harmonic issues by clicking on the X button. DJ.Studio will let you know what tracks you need to solve the issue and even tell you which tracks from your library could solve the problem.

6. View mix in Studio#

Open the Studio tab

  • Top right corner: use the buttons 1-5 to change the zoomlevel

7. Improve the first transition#

Click on a blue header in the middle of the screen to craft your transitions

  • Drag the olive colored bar of the first or second track horizontally to find the best spot for the transition.
  • Change the length of the transition with the buttons 4-8-16-32
  • Influence the volume, bass or mid of the transition. Click to the right of each word to change the level of the effect from 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100%

8. Work on all your transitions #

⁠Click the Loop button or Arrow back button on your keyboard to play the transition again till it sounds perfect
Click the > button to jump to the next transition till you have perfected all of the transitions

  • Use the lock button to make sure you cannot change a finished transition
  • Checkout the button with the keyboard in the middle of the screen at the right to see the keyboard shortcuts so you can navigate more quickly through the Studio.

9. Export and share#

Export your mix to a local file or to Mixcloud. Your file will be rendered at 15 times the speed of the mix. Or export as a Ableton live file where you can add podcast voice over for your radio show.