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DJ.Studio and Amsterdam Dance Event

DJ.Studio is the perfect tool to help your create perfect sounding DJ mixes in a fraction of the usual time. You can build a one hour DJ mix in 15 minutes.

Amsterdam Dance Event#

The DJ.Studio team was happy to present the first version of the software during the most important music event for electronic music: Amsterdam Dance Event, also known as ADE. It is one of the most important events for the world wide electronic music industry where DJs, producers, agents and labels come together for the music conference and for music lovers to go dancing at the festival.

Where it all started#

The DJ. Studio team started working on the idea for DJ mixing software almost one year ago. Last year Siebrand Dijkstra, finally had the opportunity to start building software for his passion: Mixing electronic dance music. "I have been passionate about electronic music for more than 25 years and I have been creating DJ mixes for the last 15 years. In that period I used an old legacy application called MixMeister. Unfortunately the application is only running in Windows and it got deprecated 10 years ago. So it was time for me to build it my self with my team.

Siebrand Dijkstra presenting DJ.Studio at Amsterdam Dance Event

Other solutions#

Live DJ mixing software#

The most common way to make a DJ mix is by recording it live using a DJ Controller and software like Serato DJ, Djay Pro, Virtual DJ or Rekordbox.

One hour of DJ mix costs you at least one hour of DJ-ing, unless you make a mistake... If you happen to make an error and one transition doesn't sound good... you have to start all over again. An alternative is to learn some audio editing skills and edit your live DJ mix with Audicity, Pro tools or Ableton Live. But thats also time consuming and you need the skills for that.

DAW for Music Producers#

Tools like Ableton Live, Logic Pro or FL Studio are all build for music producers. Not with DJ mixes or radio shows in mind. Reordering a tracklist is a very complicated thing. Especially when you made edits and added automations to the songs. There is a steep learning curve for these tools.

Our Solution: Reinventing the DJ mix#

So that's where Siebrand and his team started to develop a new solution which helps the DJ who wants to create a perfect DJ mix in a fraction of the time. Siebrand and Andre van Kammen started the project by analyzing music and looking at the features of a perfect DJ mix. A perfect mix always sounds in-tune and has increasing BPMs to make people dance at the dance floor. Andre was able to automate the harmonic wheel theory into an algorithm that makes sure you get a radio mix which never sounds of tune. A list of 20 tracks can be ordered in 10 million ways. We analyze the chord and the BPMs and give you the best order for your tracks. Even in the preparation for playing a live DJ mix, you can use DJ.Studio to calculate the best order. 10 Million calculations within 1 minute: That saves you a lot of time!

DJ.Studio's Automix calculates millions of possibilties to create the perfect mix.

Amsterdam Dance Event presentation#

At the first day of the Amsterdam Dance Event we had the official presentation of DJ.Studio in the Tobacco theatre: "Reinventing the DJ mix. Make a 60 minute radio show or dj mix in 10 minutes."

It was a great location with an even more great audience. We had a varied audience from professional DJs to bedroom DJs and a beginning producer who also wants to start creating DJ mixes. In 10 minutes Siebrand created a DJ mix with the Automix button to find the optimal order based on his list of tracks. He fine tuned the every transition with the simple to use transition settings.

The public really loved the way Siebrand was able to create and upload to Mixcloud including the complete tracklist which was automatically created. Your users will just visit your Mixcloud account to listen to your new mixes.

4 Steps to create the perfect Radio mix or DJ mix#

If you also want to create your own DJ mixes in a fraction of the time, you can sign up for DJ.Studio at https://dj.studio.

1. Add tracks#

Import your tracks or connect with your Rekordbox or your Soundcloud account. We automatically analyse the keys and the BPMs of the songs for you.

2. Automix#

Let DJ.studio Automix your tracks by calculating millions ways to order your tracks to come up with the best sounding tracklist. With our clear traffic light colors you will see if tracks will sound good if you will play them together.

You can easily change the order of the tracks by dragging them around in your project.

Easily create smooth transitions by combining various presets.

3. Transitions in your virtual Studio#

On the Studio can easily listen to each transition and even fine tine them: change the Volume, Base and Mid Tone behavior and try out a Cross fade, Fade in, Fade out, Ping Pong or a Swap.... it's all available with a few simple clicks. You can even set the percentage of each separate setting. With our Autoplay option, the transition plays over and over again whenever you make a small change to the transition, so you can hear the result right away.

4. Share and upload#

When your mix , a.k.a. all of your transitions, sound great, you are ready to upload your mix to Mixcloud. Just connect your account once, enter a name and start uploading. Your mix will be recorded, a.k.a. transformed in one mediafile, which gets uploaded to Mixcloud. It even contains all the information of your tracklist. Your new mix will be available for millions of people to be listened too.

Easily create smooth transitions by combining various presets.

Try it out for yourself?#

Do you want to try out DJ.Studio yourself? Sign up for DJ.studio and start working on your first DJ.Studio mix. The great thing about DJ.Studio is that you don't need to buy any complicated hardware and that your don't need to learn complicate music theory. DJ.Studio helps you with that.

Future plans#

We are also working on some new additional features to help you to make the best DJ mix possible: We are adding the options to add manual transitions where you can even set multiple points within the transition to influence the transition even more detailed.

Do you want to use DJ.Studio to create your weekly Radio mix? We are also adding a Jingle track to add voice overs to personalize your Radio mix even more.

Excited to start mixing?