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Mashup Songs Online: With DJ.Studio

Mashups are a great way to express yourself as a DJ. These are an easy way to make fun new remixes to share with your fans. 

It's now quick and easy to make high-quality mashups online thanks to new apps.

Online DJ software like DJ.Studio gives you all the tools you need to make your next biggest mashup hit - even if you have never touched music production software before!

In this guide, I'll explain what kind of tools you need to make a mashup, and I'll show you some of the best and easiest ways to make them.  

TL;DR - Mashup Songs Online#

  • A mashup is a type of remix, where elements of two or more songs are combined together, to create a new experience. 

  • To make mashups, you need some kind of audio editing software, which lets you re-arrange and isolate musical elements. 

  • Typically, you would need to download a DAW, which has a steep learning curve. 

  • Now you can use DJ.Studio to easily make mashups online - no experience required. 

What is a Mashup?#

A mashup is a creative type of audio remixing, where the artist blends elements of two or more pre-recorded music tracks together. This was a particularly popular technique in hip-hop, where DJs would create custom remixes with paellas and scratching. 

Typically, the vocals are isolated from one track and laid over the other, creating a unique mix. 

Often the artist will add effects, and use a range of audio editing tools to manipulate the original recording files.  

Some classic examples of mashups include:

Mashups have become an even more popular art form with the development of YouTube and Soundcloud, where creators will upload their mashups as tracks of videos for their audience to listen to. This can be a clever way for the artist to gain free exposure, particularly if their mashup goes viral. 

How do you Make a Mashup? #

There are a range of ways to make a mashup depending on how you want the track to sound. This is an expressive art form, so an unlimited range of techniques exists. 

That said, there are several core concepts, techniques, tools, and processes that you should understand if you want to start making mashups.

What Tools are Needed to Make a Mashup?#

mashup timeline iwth dj studio

When it comes to making mashups, there are several tools that you'll need to create them effectively. These are all components of audio editing software.

  • Audio Editing Timeline with Cut, Copy, and Paste - Used to move, remove, and rearrange parts of a track as desired. 

  • Stem Separation - This is a more modern and powerful tool that enables users to isolate certain musical elements of a track - giving you a cleaner and more precise method for creating mashups. These can be used to isolate the vocal to create an acapella. 

  • Resampling/Recording - You will need some technique to be able to re-record the edited mashup, then export it and share it with your community. 

  • Effects - These can help you to shape the mashup and add a bit of extra spice. 

Mashup Songs Online with DJ.Studio #

mashup songs online with dj studio

DJ.Studio is a DJ app that lets you mix music online, and perform a range of other DJ-related functions. 

Thanks to some of its powerful features, you can also use it as a tool to create song mashups online. 

Follow these steps to make a mashup in DJ.Studio online.

  1. Open DJ.Studio - The Stem Separation features are only available in the downloaded app version of DJ.Studio (but you can run it in the browser for making general DJ mixes). 

  2. Import Songs - First you'll want to import the two songs you want to mash together into your audio library. Simply drag and drop downloaded audio files into DJ.Studio to import them - then add them to your project. 

  3. Start mashing - Now you can jump over to the editor timeline to start making the mashup. DJ.Studio has a bunch of tools that are super useful for making mashups:

    1. Timeline editing - The DAW-style timeline editor lets you cut, copy, paste, and move sections around however you choose. This lets you cut up the two tracks into the arrangement you want for your mashup. 

    2. Effects - DJ.Studio is packed with effects that can be used for adding a bit of extra color to your mashup. These can all be automated individually, so you can change how the effects work over time. This includes EQs, filters, delays, reverbs, and more!

    3. Sample Lane - This lets you get more creative with your mashup. You can import additional samples to lay into the mix, or you can slice out sections of the tracks and add them to the sample lane, giving you more flexibility with the layering and placement of sounds in the mashup. 

    4. Stem Separation (Available In Beta) - This powerful new feature lets you isolate musical elements of a track, like the vocal, bass, drums, and other instruments. This means that you can create much cleaner and more precise mashups, by isolating or removing elements. You can use this to isolate vocals and create acapella. Watch this video to see it in action, and listen carefully to see why our separation algorithm sounds better than competitors! 

  4. Export - When you're happy with the finished mashup, you can export it as a single file. Simply click the export button, choose your format, and let DJ.Studio work its magic. You'll then be given your new finished mashup track to share!

DJ.Studio has a range of other features that are super useful for professional and budding DJs. This software is game-changing for DJs and gives them a range of tools to expand their workflow unlike anything else. 


mashup songs with dj studio

Now you know how to make mashups, it's time to get chopping! With DJ.Studio's free 14-day trial you get all the features and tools you need to make a song mashup.

This app is also ideal for mixing music online - you can use it to create full DJ mixes too! You can even use it as a YouTube DJ tool, and make DJ mixes from music on YouTube and Spotify.

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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