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DJ with Spotify - In DJ.Studio

DJ.Studio is the new solution for DJing with Spotify. Make seamless mixes with any songs, playlists, or artists from Spotify. Craft unique transitions, add effects and voiceovers, and share finished mixes with your friends!

Convert Spotify Playlists to Mixes

With this online DJ app, you can convert full Spotify playlists to seamless mixes with automatic transitions and beatmatching. This helps you to make DJ-style mixes in a matter of moments. Just drag and drop your Spotify playlist into the DJ software, pick your presets, and you're good to go. You don't need to download Spotify songs illegally.

Import through Spotify

Craft Seamless Transitions

DJ.Studio's unique timeline editor lets you create precise and expressive transitions - which could never be achieved with the Spotify mobile app or browser. Achieve DJ-quality blends, fades, and switch-ups with ease. Not a pro DJ? No worries, just use our range of smart presets to instantly create a pristine transition. Unlike the Spotify DJ Mode that comes with a Spotify Premium account, our AI DJ makes perfectly smooth, beatmatched transitions - just like professional DJs!

DJ Mix with Spotify and More

You can also make mixes with music from other streaming service sites, like YouTube, YT Music, and Beatport Streaming. This basically gives you an infinite music library to experiment with - and you don't need to waste a single dollar! This isn't limited to Spotify Premium Users either, you can use it with a free account!

Streaming Music Sources

Share your Mixes Online - Safe and Legal

You don't need to download Spotify music illegally to share your mixed music files. Your Spotify mixes can be shared through our online mix-sharing platform - where anybody can enjoy your creation. Even people without a DJ.Studio account or the Spotify app can listen to your DJ mixes!

DJ Mix Player

This is the ultimate tool for digital DJing.

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