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DJ.Studio is a revolutionary desktop app for DJs - use it to create full, seamless mixes on a unique timeline editor. Powered with AI, new DJ tools, and other cutting-edge technology, this DJing app is ready to change your workflow.

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Mix Without a Controller

DJ.Studio gives you a new approach to mixing. Rather than being designed for live performance with a DJ controller - you can mix tracks from your music library with a mouse and keyboard alone. This makes DJing more portable and affordable. You don't need to buy any gear to make pro mixes!

Streaming Service Integration

With DJ.Studio, you don't need to spend a single dollar to buy new tracks to download for a mix. You can import songs and playlists directly from YouTube and Spotify and convert them into seamless mixes. Then share your mixes with friends and fans on our online mix hub!

This opens up huge realms of track list experimentation for DJs and makes it easy for music lovers to express themselves with seamless playlists.

Streaming Music Sources

Connect with Other DJ Software

DJ.Studio is integrated with all other popular DJ software. Connect to rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ Lite and Pro, Traktor, Engine DJ, and more. This goes both in and out - so you can access your DJ library in DJ.Studio, prepare a mix, and then send the arranged playlist back to your software to mix live.

Integrations with DJ.Studio

Accelerate your DJ Workflow

Start with the automix assistant, using AI to mix and beat-match your setlist harmonically. Then fine-tune your arrangement on our timeline editor. Add effects and samples, use stem separation, and sculpt your mix with precision. Then, quickly export and share your completed mix. The export process takes a fraction of the time it would take to record it live - and you don't need to worry about making mistakes!

Unlock All Features for Free - For 14 Days

Our free trial gives you access to all of DJ.Studio's revolutionary features for 14 days - no commitment or credit card required. This gives you a taste of the endless power for free - helping you to level up your mixing.

DJ.Studio is constantly updated, and is one of the most affordable DJ software solutions, giving users the most value for money in terms of functionality and workflow efficiency.