Learn how to make mashups with Stem Separation

Stem Separation Software: For DJs and Beyond.

Separately control automation for drums, bass, melody and vocals. Create acapella’s, mashups and remixes. Stems redefine what it means to DJ.

DJ.Studio stands as a testament to how technology can enhance human creativity.

Will Vance
Will Vance
Managing Editor Magnetic Magazine

Mix, Mash, and Merge with Ease

A stem separation tool is seamlessly integrated into DJ.Studio’s versatile timeline editor, empowering you to craft mashups, teases, mini-mixes, elaborate extended edits, and remixes with unparalleled precision.

Unlimited Producer-Level Control

The separation algorithm enhances your creative expression, allowing you to manipulate and blend tracks with the finesse of a seasoned producer.

Combine elements from different songs to create incredible mixes or blend genres you never thought would mix. Hip-Hop meets Hardstyle? Absolutely. The possibilities are limitless.

Create impossibly smooth transitions

Stem splitting can streamline transitions, eliminating overlapping drums and vocals for the cleanest blends possible. Deliver smooth transitions with an uninterrupted flow that captivates and energizes your listeners with the perfect balance between individual stems.

Harness the full potential of our technology to design a mix that's uniquely yours, showcasing your creativity and skill, and making the separation process lightning-fast.

DJ.Studio's Stem Separation

Deconstruct and ReasSample

Dissect any audio file into bass lines, drum beats, vocals, or melodies - and use the separate stems to craft something truly unique. Save your isolated samples and re-use them throughout your mix, other DJ.Studio projects, or even in music production.

High-quality vocal isolation

Use isolated vocals to add a creative flair to your mixes, or download them as separate files for use in other DJ.Studio projects or elsewhere. Turn audio files into backing tracks by separating stems, vocals, and other elements.

Our machine-learning powered, near real-time stem separation technology preserves the original sound’s integrity and audio quality, giving you professional-grade separated stems every time.

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