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Mix With YouTube

Create DJ mixes with songs or videos on YouTube and YouTube Music.

Find tracks on YouTube

Utilize the integrated YouTube search to discover and add any song available on YouTube to your mix.

This feature serves as an excellent tool for music experimentation before purchasing tracks, eliminating concerns about wasting money on unused tunes or resorting to illegal downloads.

Enhance your YouTube mix using all of DJ.Studio's robust editing tools.

Add Youtube

YouTube and Spotify Playlists

Transform your Spotify or YouTube playlists into a seamless DJ mix with smooth transitions that keep the energy flowing on the dance floor.

Easily convert YouTube playlists into a DJ mix by pasting the playlist URL, and the music will be imported efficiently, all at once— a real time-saver! You can even paste a Spotify playlist to generate a YouTube mix from those tracks!

YouTube Mix Player 

Rather than resorting to illegal downloading or ripping from YouTube, we offer a unique solution: the DJ.Studio mix player. Share your mix effortlessly with a single click, hosting it online along with the YouTube videos and the complete tracklist.

Simply send the generated URL or QR code to friends and fans, allowing them to start listening and enjoy your mix instantly.

YouTube Mix Community

Share your YouTube mix in the DJ.Studio Mix Community, where mixes can be listened to, liked, shared, and even remixed. It's the ideal platform for gaining promotion, recognition, and valuable feedback for your DJ sets.

Browse the community

Explore the community for inspiration and discover new music. With mixes organized by genres such as hip-hop, techno, Latin, and more, you'll always find fresh tracks on the platform.

If you come across a track you love, add it to your library with a simple click—perfect for music discovery, enhancing productivity, and boosting your exposure!

Excited to start mixing?