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⁠Video: How to Add tracks#

Prefer to watch a video? We've got you covered: Watch this video to see how it works.

How to add tracks#

⁠Click the Add Tracks button on the left side of the middle bar

Add tracks

Local file mix: Search tracks#

You can add tracks to your mix in the following ways:

  1. Click the yellow Import local files button to locate files on your hard drive.

  2. Browse music from 3rd party software libraries like rekordbox, iTunes, VirtualDJ, Mixed In Key etc.

    Import Tracks

    ⁠⁠At Settings > Library > you can select ⁠the libraries that you have.

  3. Browse the Recently used tab to use songs that you previously used before in other DJ mixes.
  4. Drag and drop audio files onto this screen DJ.Studio.

YouTube mix : Search tracks#

If you’re using the YouTube mode, you can:

  1. Import YouTube songs via searching Videos or Playlists.

  2. Import an entire YouTube playlist. 

  3. Import music from YouTube Music. 

Beatport mix : Search tracks ( closed beta)#

NOTE: This functionality is still in closed beta for paying customers.
⁠You can browse Beatport via Search or via your playlists in Beatport.

Add Beatport streaming tracks

Adding tracks#

⁠Select the tracks you want with the + at the end of each row and click the yellow Add x tracks button in the bottom right corner.

After you’ve added all the tracks you want to use in your mix, you will focus on the order of your tracks.

Analyzing tracks#

DJ.Studio will analyze your tracks to get the following information:

  • key
  • BPM
  • beat grid
  • waveform

If you are used to have all of your tracks analyzed via Mixed In Key, you can also add your MIK VIP code to DJ.Studio. If you have enabled the Mixed In Key analysis, the next things will also be analyzed:

  • MIK Key
  • energy level of the track
  • MIK energy segments
  • MIK Cue points

Want to know more details about adding tracks? Click here.