What does Automix do? #

The Automix in DJ Studio will give you the best order of tracks within your mix using harmonic mixing. Based on the key of the songs, and the BPM, we calculate the order of the tracks where as many of the transitions as possible are harmonically perfect.
After automixing you will always listen to each transition on the Studio tab to finetune the transition.

How to Automix#

1. Click the Automix button in the center right of the screen to let DJ.Studio calculate the best harmonically optimized order of your tracks.

Configure your automix
  • Lock first track:  if you have already decided which track you want to start your mix with, make sure the track is the first song in your mix. Check this box to make sure Automix will start with this track.

  • Lock last track:  if you have already decided which track you want to end your mix with, tell Automix to keep that track at the end. 

  • Key sorting: Tell the automix algorithm if you value Key sorting or BPM sorting more.  Is it more important that the tracks are sorted on BPM ( from slow to fast) or that you want your mix to be ordered in the best harmonically ordered way?
    You can always try out Automix a few times to look at the result

Automix makes millions of calculations to find the best order of your mix

2. Click Finish

3. The Studio tab will be opened 
⁠You can read more about the Studio tab in the Studio part of the Academy.