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How to Export your mix#

NOTE: The export/share options differ for Local file mixes, Youtube or Beatport mixes.
⁠To start, you always click the Export button on the top right side of the screen.
This article explains the options in depth.

Export YouTube mixes#

Because YouTube mixes stream tracks from YouTube, it is not legal to convert them to files and download them - this would be a breach of copyright law.  The YouTube video always needs to be shown when the music is played.

We made an online mix player to share your YouTube Mix projects online, so anybody with an internet connection can listen to your finished YouTube mix. 

  1. Finish your project. Click Share in the top right.
  2. ⁠Enter the information as desired, including Mix Name, Artist, Genre, Description, and more.
  3. You will now be given a URL. Simply copy and paste the link to share it with your friends and fans!

Export Local file mix#

  • Local File: Export you set as a MP3, WAV of Video (mp4 or webm)
  • DJ Set: Export the playlist in a M3U file that you can import in most DJ software or export to rekordbox including hot cues. Export including hot cues to Serato and Virtual DJ will follow soon
  • Ableton Live: For more advanced mixing and mastering.
  • YouTube: Record video file and timestamped set list that you can upload to YouTube
  • Mixcloud: Upload set to Mixcloud including tracklist
  • Backup your project: create a .djs file for backup, transfer mix project to another machine.

Export Beatport mix #

  • Share your Beatport Streaming mixes with other Beatport Streaming customers within
  • If you want to 'record' your set to a local file or video file, you need to buy the tracks via the Legalize option.
  • DJ set: Transfer your streaming mix into a DJ set for rekordbox

Want to know more details about exporting your mix? Click here.