Open Projects screen#

Click on Projects in the left top corner of the screen to manage the various projects you created.

On the left you see the list of your projects and on the right the details of the selected project.

Manage your projects

Project actions#

  • New project: create a new project

  • Restore: import a project .djs file 

  • Edit : to change the title, genre and description of your mix

  • Duplicate: to copy your mix within DJ.Studio

  • Backup: make an export of your project which is saved on your local disk in a .djs file which you can find in your downloads folder
    You have the option to include the tracks used in the project as well. This way you can exchange a project with somebody else or with our support desk

  • Delete : remove the project from DJ.Studio. The project including tracklist and the transitions will be deleted. The tracks themselves will stay available in your library

AutoSave and Versioning#

DJ Studio autosaves every change you make automatically. That's great!
But sometimes you want to be able to go back to a specific version of your mix. For example when you like your current mix, but you want to try out a bigger change to see if another of the tracks might sound better.

Save a new version of your mix
  • Save : if you want to save this version in the history of this mix. Open this specific version afterwards from the Projects > History tab
  • Save as :  if you want to save the current mix under a new name.

If you save the current state as a version, you can always go back to that specific version in the Projects > History tab. 

Revert to an older version