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Video Editor

The video creator is a powerful tool that lets you produce videos for your mixes from directly within the DJ.Studio software.

  1. Open the Studio tab and click on the video tab at the bottom to open the Video Creator/Editor Window.  

  2. For each song in the playlist, choose what type of background you want:
    ⁠* animation
    ⁠* image
    ⁠* color
    ⁠* album art
    ⁠* shadertoys

  3. Add a spectrum analyzer and choose how the track information will be displayed. 

  4. Toggle on any other effects, like particles or the audio waveform. 

  5. Apply these settings to all tracks or adjust the transition animation for each track separately

  6. Export your mix at Export > Local files > Video or Export > YouTube.
    The export for YouTube also includes a tracklist prepared for YouTube to make automatic track dividers for each song in your set.

Voila! It really is that simple. After a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a completely unique video that reacts in time to the beats of your music. This will hypnotize your viewers even more. 

Checkout an Example of DJ.Studio video with Animated background on top