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How to influence BPM and fix BPM issues

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DJ.Studio will automatically analyze the tempo or BPM ( Beats Per Minute) of all the tracks you import.
This video explains how you can play around with BPM in DJ,Studio, how to transition two tracks with different BPMs or set the whole mix to 1 BPM.

Sometimes DJ.Studio doesn't detect the beatgrid correct. This will lead to transitions where the beats of the two tracks are not " beat matched".

Here is a quick and easy guide for dealing with BPM detection issues.

How To Check BPM Is Correct In DJ.Studio#

  1. Add the track to a mix in DJ.Studio, and find it on the timeline.
  2. Activate the metronome by clicking the icon.
  3. Listen to hear if the metronome is in time with the beat.
  4. If not, manually work out the BPM of your track.
  5. Then, head to the track tab and change the BPM information field to change the analysis grid.

Fix Beat matching issues#

If the track is in time, but the beat is off, you can watch this video to learn how to adjust the beat grid.

  1. Zoom in to the waveform until you see the beat grid lines
  2. Grab a line, and drag it in place with the beats of the waveform.

The track will now play on beat, and beat match in time.

This is an even more extensive video how to correct the beatgrid for older disco songs which have variable BPM.