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Work on your transitions#

When you want to fine tune your transitions, open the Studio tab in the top bar.
You see the two decks with the alternating tracks and blue transition windows.⁠

Studio tab

Select a transition by clicking on the blue elements. Your screen will look like this where the Transition tab is selected at the bottom.  

You can Drag the olive colored bar of the first or second track horizontally to find the best spot for the transition.
⁠This video shows you how to move the transition window.

⁠In the middle bar you have a few settings to change the transition:

  • Change the length of the transition with the buttons 4-8-16-32 or grab the 4 dotted blue handle to drag the transition to the required length.
  • Disable Beatsync with the Sync button.

Settings of the transition#

In the Transition tab at the bottom of the Studio Page you can change the way the transition sounds:

  • Use one of the presets
  • Influence the volume, bass, filter, mid, high of the transition.
  • Choose an Effect in or Effect out, for example a loop. Drag the start of the loop to the right spot with the blue marker
    Loop effect
  • Select a setting and click to the right of each word to change the level of the effect from 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100.
  • For the Swap, you can set the amount of beats from 0,1,2 or 4. 


  • To listen to the tracks individually, click the Solo button or type S multiple times.
  • When you are finished with a transitions, click Lock to lock the transition to make sure the settings cannot be changed.
    ⁠When you would Automix the project again, these two tracks will not be touched. The two tracks will be shown in green with a lock symbol in front
  • When you add a new track, a transition window will automatically be created. In Settings > Transitions you can define the default settings for these transitions depending on your preferences.
    Add Tracks transition settings