Work on your transitions#

When you want to fine tune your transitions, open the Studio tab and make sure you see the timeline panel. 
NOTE: If you don't see the timeline, click the V button next to the Automix button.

Select a transition by clicking on the blue elements. Your screen will look like this: 

You can Drag the olive colored bar of the first or second track horizontally to find the best spot for the transition.

At the bottom you see the transition tab is selected and is showing the following options to change your transition: 

  • Change the length of the transition with the buttons 4-8-16-32
  • Click the Loop button or Arrow back button on your keyboard to play the transition again till it sounds perfect
  • To listen to the tracks individually, click the Solo button or type S. use that function to switch from one track to the second and to listening to both songs
  • With the Lock button in the top left corner of the transition screen you can lock the transition to make sure the settings cannot be changed by accident. When you would Automix the project again, these two tracks will not be touched. The two tracks will be shown in green with a lock symbol in front.

Settings of the transition#

  • Use one of the presets
  • Influence the volume, bass, filter, mid, high of the transition.
  • Choose an Effect in or Effect out
  • Select a setting and click to the right of each word to change the level of the effect from 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100.
  • For the Swap, you can set the amount of beats from 0,1,2 or 4. 

Color codes#

You can see the settings you made with the following colored lines:

  • white = volume
  • yellow = bass
  • green = mids
  • dark blue = high
  • light blue = filter

Solve issues in your tracklist#

When your mix is opened in the Studio tab for the first time, we advice you to maximize the tracklist of your mix by clicking on the ^ button in the middle of the screen, next to the Automix button.

Expand the Tracks in your screen

This gives you a full view of the tracks in your mix.

Full overview of the tracks in your DJ mix

Look at the MATCH = Harmonics column.
The Green, Orange, Yellow color codes will show you the compatibility of a track compared to the previous track.

If we show an X there is no compatibility and we advise you to add another track to your tracklist. 

Click on the X, to open the Solver. Our Solver will give you advice which type of song you need solve the problem. We even tell you which songs from your library you could add to this mix to solve your problem!

Let the solver suggest solutions for your track issues

NOTE: You can also keep the X track in your mix, but when fine tuning that specific transition, you need to make sure the Volume and Mids are not clashing.