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10 Must-Have DJ Accessories - Hardware and Software

From USB sticks to DJ headphones, and booths to DJ lighting, there are loads of DJ gear accessories that make DJs' lives easier. However, you need to separate the gold from the dirt because some accessories are snake oil, and others are life-changing.

This guide runs you through the most important DJ accessories you need to own. From nice extras to essentials, you'll discover every piece of accessory that should be in your kit.

Because this is about accessories, I won't be covering the main bits of DJ equipment used in DJ setups, like controllers, decks, DJ speakers, and other core components - although I'll cover pretty much everything else!

Keep reading to help you find the right accessories for your DJ needs!


  • There are loads of DJ accessories on the market.

  • Some are essential, others are a waste of money.

  • This guide highlights accessories DJs you don't want to miss!

  • DJ.Studio is a powerful piece of software that is the perfect digital accessory to improve your workflow and productivity.

The 9 Best DJ Accessories#

Let's get stuck into the best DJ equipment accessories! This covers the range from beginner to professional DJ equipment - and all of these will be useful for the modern DJ.

If you're new to DJing, check out this guide for Choosing Beginner DJ Gear, and make sure you learn all the important DJ Mixing Terms.

1) Headphones#

dj headphones

High-quality headphones are an important accessory that you don't want to overlook. In their early days, DJs often start with cheap, non-DJ headphones - which is fine as a starting point when you're learning how to DJ mix songs.

However, when you start taking DJing more seriously, headphones are one of the first pieces of DJ equipment you'll want to invest money in.

Having a good pair of headphones has several benefits:

  • More comfortable - you'll be able to wear your headphones for longer before getting ear fatigue

  • Sound Quality - With higher-quality components, the audio will be clearer, letting you hear what's going on more accurately.

  • Better Isolation - Some headphones are better at isolating loud external sounds, which some DJs like.

  • Healthier - Low-quality headphones can be bad for your hearing, particularly when cranked up.

Definitely consider buying a headphone case if you get an expensive pair of headphones!

2) USB Storage#

usb sticks for DJs

If you're a digital DJ, then USB drives are essential DJ equipment. You can load these up with your tunes and DJ music libraries, and take them to a club or party to drop a set.

Having more space on a USB stick will give you room for more music, thus giving you more versatility thanks to a larger library. 64-128GB is a good place to start.

More expensive USB sticks tend to be more reliable than their cheaper counterparts, meaning they break less often, they're quicker to load, and you'll run into fewer bugs.

Always go for sturdy sticks that can survive the active life of a DJ.

You might also consider buying a larger hard drive to act as a kind of 'mothership' for your tunes. You can store your larger collection on the hard drive for safekeeping, and then store a smaller selection of tunes on your USB stick depending on whatever songs are in your current rotation.

3) DJ Stands#

dj stands

Maximizing the ergonomics and comfort of your setup is a lot more important than you might realize. You probably started off mixing at your kitchen table or on your bedroom desk.

This is fine, to begin with, but it's definitely not a viable (or comfortable) solution in the long term.

Investing in good DJ gear stands can make your life a lot easier when mixing (and your back less painful).

Several accessories in this category are worth buying:

  • A proper DJ booth - These can give you a good height for your gear off the bat, as well as enough stability to survive a room full of dancers.

  • Gear stands - You can find stands that set the height and angle for gear like CDJs and mixers. These can make your setup more ergonomic and comfortable. (Find out more about The Best DJ Mixers).

  • Laptop stands - If you're using a laptop for your sets, a stand is essential and helps you to get a better view of your screen.

By maximizing comfort and ergonomics, you minimize pain and strain - enabling you to practice and perform for longer periods. This can help to speed up your skill development, as well as prevent any health issues down the line.

4) Protective Gear#

protective dj gear

If you've spent a good amount of money on your DJ equipment, you should definitely invest in the right protective gear.

  • Decksavers - these hard plastic covers fit on the top of your decks, and should be used when the decks are sleeping. These prevent dust build-up and also keep them safe from spilled drinks. You can find specific decksavers for a range of decks, DJ controllers, mixers, turntables, and more.

  • Flight Cases - These are essential if you transport your DJ gear, and also double up as stands.

  • Bags - DJ bags can help you to fit all your bits and bobs in one place, making things a bit easier to transport and organize.

5)In-Ear Monitors#

in ear monitors

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are a vital tool for DJs, particularly when performing in loud environments like clubs or festivals. Unlike traditional over-the-ear headphones, IEMs fit directly into the ear canal, providing an intimate audio experience. They are designed to isolate sound, allowing DJs to hear their mix clearly without the need to compete with the ambient noise of the venue.

Benefits of In-Ear Monitors in Loud Environments:

  1. Superior Sound Isolation: IEMs create a seal within the ear canal, significantly reducing ambient noise. This isolation helps DJs focus on their mix without the distraction of the surrounding environment.

  2. Accurate Sound Reproduction: IEMs are known for delivering clear and detailed audio. This precision ensures that DJs can hear every aspect of their track, from the bass and beats to the highs and lows, which is crucial for beat matching and mixing.

  3. Reduced Risk of Hearing Damage: The sound isolation provided by IEMs means DJs can listen to their mix at a lower volume, reducing the risk of hearing damage from prolonged exposure to loud music.

6) Lighting Equipment#

Lighting gear is the perfect accessory for enhancing the experience of your shows and parties. Whether you are a bedroom DJ or a professional, lighting is one way to make your shows more memorable and entertaining.

You can find some basic lighting rigs which are good for beginners, all the way up to multi-thousand dollar pro lighting rigs.

These are definitely worth looking into for any DJ who wants a more impressive range of DJ equipment.

7) Protective Earplugs#

protective ear plugs

As a DJ, preserving the health of your ears is essential for a long and successful career. The last thing you want is to go deaf from spending too much time near loudspeakers.

A basic pair of foam plugs will do in a pinch, but you should be taking this stuff more seriously.

The best plugs are custom molded to your ears. These are more expensive, but you want to invest in your ears and keep your hearing safe. Don't be silly!

8) Microphones#

Microphones can be a fun accessory for DJs. These can make crowd interaction easier and more dynamic. These are pretty much essential for mobile and event DJs, who are usually expected to bring a mic for announcements.

Wireless microphones can be a bit easier to work with, as you won't need to worry about getting tangled in a cable - but batteries can be a pain. Some are designed specifically for DJs, which are the best choice if you have the cash.

9) Sampler / Effects Unit#

pioneer RMX 1000

Pioneer RMX-1000, a popular DJ effects unit.

Adding a few extra bits of hardware into your setup can expand your creative and performance options, and let you get more personal in your mixes.

Samplers are pad-based devices that can play extra audio samples at the hit of a button. DJs like James Hype are known to use these creatively, adding an extra layer of expression, improvisation, and dynamism to their mixes.

While most mixers have a decent selection of basic effects, you should consider integrating an extra effects processor unit into your setup. There are some nice ones out there that are designed specifically for DJs, and they give you more colors to play with in your sets.

10) DJ.Studio#

If you want to make full mixes using just a laptop and some software - DJ.Studio is the best option.

This DJ mixing app is designed to create mixes with a mouse and keyboard alone. It's not a piece of live mixing software, instead, you use an audio editor-style timeline to edit your mixes in precise detail. This isn't the same as how most DJ software worksm and can instead help you to DJ Mix on a Laptop

It comes packed with smart features that speed up your mix creation process, expand your creative horizons, and enable you to create higher-quality results in record time.

editing a mix with DJ studio

It's also tightly integrated with other DJ software like rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Traktor, Serato, and more. This means you can use your main DJ library in DJ.Studio, prepare a mix and then send it back into your live software for a gig.

It works like this:

  1. Open DJ.Studio - You can run it in the browser, or use the downloaded app for the best experience.

  2. Import music - Connect DJ.Studio to your main music library, or drag and drop in new files. You can even connect it to Beatport, YouTube, or Spotify to mix music from streaming sources.

  3. Create your setlist - Select the tracks you want to use in your mix. Then you can manually arrange an order, or use the AI automixer to calculate the best sequence based on harmonic mixing and beat matching. DJ.Studio then automatically creates rough transition presets. You can pick one song to start with and go from there.

  4. Refine your mix - Use the timeline editor to craft and sculpt your mix in as much detail as desired. Use the transition tools to customize how tracks move from one to the next. Add custom samples and DJ tags with the two additional sample lanes, and use the effects and looping systems to make your mix more expressive and creative.

  5. Export - When the mix is finished, it's time to export it to the next location. You can record the mix to WAV or MP3 at up to 10x speed, saving tonnes of time. It can also create audio-reactive videos which are perfect for gaining views on YouTube. Additionally, you can export your mix as an Ableton set for more editing, or send it into your main DJ software using the DJ Set transfer function - getting you prepped for a live show.

DJ.Studio opens up a lot of doors for DJs, and makes the mix creation process more streamlined and creative. With this AI powered DJ software You can experiment with music more easily, letting you develop your mixes ahead of time, enabling you to achieve better results.

This is just one potential workflow offered by DJ.Studio, and in reality it can do many other tasks and helps DJs in a range of other ways. Check out the rest of this website for more information and demos.

As far as accessories go, this will give you the most bang for your buck and is an incredibly valuable tool that is transforming the way DJs work. It's perfect for both pro and beginner DJs.


dj studio playlist creator software

With all of the right accessories, you'll have no trouble performing your best as a DJ, and avoiding common annoyances.

You can find different models for most of these, so do a bit of research to find one that suits you.

If you want to maximize your productivity and enhance your workflow, you should get stuck in with DJ.Studio's free 14-day trial!

This is the best tool for leveling up your DJ game, don't miss out!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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