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The Best DJ Software With Video Creator: DJ.Studio

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp

As a DJ, when you release a new mix online, you want it to reach as far as possible - to help grow your audience and platform. But with so many DJs online today, it can be hard to stand out against the competition.

If you want to get the upper hand with your online DJ mixes - creating a cool animated video to accompany your mix is a great way to stand out.

You might think that you need video creation skills to make a video like this, but thanks to DJ.Studio, you can now make a unique, audio-reactive mix visualizer even if you have no experience!

Keep reading to find out how you can make your mixes more engaging with our easy music visualizer...

Try DJ.Studio for free!

TL;DR - Video DJ Software#

  • Having a video accompanying your mix is the perfect way to stand out in a competitive landscape.

  • Videos traditionally require expertise to create well.

  • DJ.Studio is a new DJ tool, which automatically creates music visualizer graphics for your mixes!

  • You can easily create unique, custom animations - no experience required!

The Benefits of Adding Videos to Mixes#

benefits of adding videos to dj mixes

DJ mixes are great on their own, but combining them with video clips and music videos gives them a new level of engagement and entertainment.

Adding a video to your mix has several advantages:

  1. Visual Appeal: Videos enhance the visual appeal of your mixes, making them more engaging for viewers. The combination of audio and visual elements can create a more immersive experience, attracting a larger audience.

  2. Brand Building: Incorporating videos allows you to showcase your personal brand and style as a DJ. You can include visuals that represent your unique identity, helping to build a recognizable brand that sets you apart from others.

  3. Increased Viewer Retention: Videos can contribute to higher viewer retention rates. Visuals can captivate your audience, encouraging them to stay engaged with your mix for a longer duration. This can positively impact the overall performance of your YouTube channel.

  4. Creative Expression: Videos provide an additional outlet for creative expression. You can experiment with various visual effects, overlays, and graphics to complement the music and express your artistic vision more comprehensively.

    dj studio creative dj mix video engine
  5. Cross-Promotion Opportunities: Adding videos to your mixes opens up opportunities for cross-promotion. You can collaborate with visual artists, video editors, or other creators to enhance the quality and creativity of your content. This can lead to increased exposure as you tap into each other's audiences.

  6. YouTube Algorithm Favorability: YouTube's algorithm tends to favor videos over audio-only content. By incorporating videos into your DJ mixes, you may increase the likelihood of your content being recommended to a wider audience, leading to more views and subscribers.

  7. Monetization Potential: Video content on YouTube can be monetized through various channels, such as ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. If your DJ mixes with videos gain popularity, you may have the opportunity to generate income from your content.

  8. Viewer Interaction: Videos can encourage viewer interaction through comments, likes, and shares. Engaging with your audience in the comments section can help build a community around your content, fostering a sense of connection with your viewers.

These are just some of the benefits you'll experience when pairing your mixes with accompanying visuals!

DJ.Studio - The Ultimate DJ Mix Video Creator#

dj studio = the best dj mix video creator

If you're a DJ, mix creator, playlist lover, radio show maker, or run a music-related YouTube channel, your life is about to change!

Say hello to DJ.Studio...

DJ.Studio is a new DAW for DJs that offers a revolutionary workflow for creating mixes.

Not only is it a game changer for mix production - it also has a super powerful video creation engine built-in, meaning you can instantly add videos to your mixes.

This streamlines the mix/video production process, so you can create more content than ever before - without sacrificing quality. If anything the quality will be massively improved.

DJ.Studio is also a fully featured DJ mix creation tool - here is what it can do:

  1. Create DJ mixes with a new workflow - Rather than having to record your mixes manually with DJ controllers, or use audio editing software which is designed for other tasks, DJ.Studio is specifically designed for creating DJ mixes using a timeline system. We'll explain the workflow in the next section - but it's a game-changer.

  2. Integration with streaming platforms and other DJ software - You can sync your DJ.Studio music library to a range of different locations, including your main DJ software, iTunes, and other places. You can also mix using YouTube videos and playlists - or even Spotify playlists.

  3. Export mixes anywhere - DJ.Studio lets you export mixes to a range of locations, including WAV/MP3, YouTube, Mixcloud, Ableton Live, and other locations. When using streaming services, your mixes are shared as an online player link - making the process legal, without needing to buy any music.

  4. Unique Tools - DJ.Studio has a bunch of new and unique tools that make the mix production process even easier and more creative. Notably, our automix AI, which analyses your tracklist and finds the best order based on tempo and key. This means your mixes are completely beat-matched and harmonically compatible

  5. Video engine - As you will learn in the next section, DJ.Studio has a versatile video creation engine, which can be used to make music-visualizer videos of your mixes, with a range of other customization options.

Next, we'll explain how you can make videos in DJ.Studio - the best DJ software for video mixing!

How To Use DJ.Studio: General Guide#

dj studio carousel v2

Follow this step-by-step guide to see how you can easily make cool videos for your mixes in DJ.Studio.

We'll run you through the entire process, from making the initial mix to designing and exporting the video.

  1. Open the DJ.Studio app - The performance is better in the installed PC/Mac version, but you can run it in a browser.

  2. Create a new project - To make videos, you need to use Local File Mode. YouTube mode must play back the original videos due to their TOS, so you can't create an original video mix. 

  3. Add tracks - After you've started a project, you'll want to add audio tracks to the tracklist. In Local File mode, you can import music directly from your hard drive, or connect to other DJ software and sync your existing libraries.

  4. Automix - You can use our automix AI to work out the best order of music in your set (based on key and/or tempo), or you can create the order yourself.

  5. Timeline editing - Now it's time to further edit and refine your mix. You can use the timeline editor to customize the mix however you like, changing track placements, adding effects, and adjusting the transitions in as much detail as possible. You can use an extra sample audio track pair to add extra layers of samples or voiceovers.

  6. Video Editing - Use the video panel to make your video mix. (We'll explain this section in full detail below.)

  7. Export - After you're happy with your mix and video, click the export button. from here, you can select the video quality and render the video file. You can also export a YouTube description for automatically creating YouTube chapter tags.

That shows you the basic process for creating a video mix in DJ.Studio. Now let's have a look at the video engine in more detail!

DJ.Studio Video Engine Guide#

dj studio video engine

DJ.Studio is fitted with a powerful and flexible video creation engine that lets you make custom, audio-reactive visuals.

Simply click the 'Video' tab at the bottom of the screen to open the video editing panel.

From here, you can adjust and combine the individual options:

  • Background - Choose the main video background:

    dj studio background animation videos
    • Animation - Select from 100 audio-reactive animations. You can either pick one animation for each song or use the Random mode to shuffle through the animations in a chosen bar length.

    • Image - Upload a custom image (like your DJ logo) to use as the background for the chosen song.

    • Color - Select any color for a solid color background.

    • Album Art - Use the album art associated with each song.

  • Track Information - Display the Artist Name, Track Name, and Album Cover for the current song. You can choose the following locations

    dj studio cover art video generator
    • Top - Info is displayed at the top of the screen.

    • Bottom - Info is displayed at the bottom.

    • Center - The info is in the center of the screen, with larger album artwork.

  • Particles - Adds slow-moving particles as an exciting overlay.

  • Wave Line - Adds an overlay of a close-up waveform, which is synced to the audio.

  • Spectrum Analyzer - Displays a spectrum analyzer representing the content of the frequency spectrum in real-time.

    dj studio video spectrum
    • Style:

      • Style 1 - A colored, solid graphical spectrum.

      • Style 2 - A blocky, bar-based spectrum.

    • Intensity - A slider setting the height of the spectrum based on the volume.

    • Blur - A slider setting the visual refresh rate, creating faster or slower spectrum reactions.

  • Transition - Choose how the visuals transition from one song to the next. There are 5 transition types, and you can set the length of transition time in beats.

  • Global Text - Add some text that will be continuously present across the whole video.

  • Apply Settings to All Tracks - Copy the current settings to every track in the mix.

These options can be applied differently for each track. So you can combine animations, pictures, and different spectrums however you like for any track in the mix. There is a tonne of flexibility and customization, so you can make your mix videos as unique and exciting as you like.


dj studio video export

To export the video, click Export, then YouTube. You will now have a few different options to choose from.

  • Quality - 720/1080/2160 - These are three different levels of video quality. Higher resolutions take more time to create, and use more hard drive space, but look better.

  • Gain - You can adjust the final output gain of the mix.

  • Re-pitch Audio - Uses a cleaner, more advanced algorithm for fewer artifacts, and better-sounding audio where pitch shifting has been used. It takes more time to render but sounds superior if you've changed the pitch of any of your tracks.

  • Export Description - Creates a .txt text file that contains the tracklist and timestamp information. By pasting this into a YouTube description, the video will automatically have chapter divisions in the player timeline, making it easy for your audience to find out the names of tracks in your mix.

Set the options, click export, and wait for your video mix to render! You can then upload this to YouTube and other video platforms.

DJ.Studio Demo Video Mixes#

Here are some music visualizer mixes made in DJ.Studio!

Faye Mia - Dance & Trance

DJ Nozzy - Deep Garage Mix


DJ studio music visualizer

You now have a good idea of what DJ.Studio can do, and you can use it to make hypnotic and exciting visuals to accompany your mix.

These videos are a great tool to promote mixes for beginner and professional DJs alike, and often provide a large boost to audience retention and reach in comparison to posting a mix without a video.

Why not try it for yourself? You can get complete access to DJ.Studio (including the video creator), for free with our 14-day trial!

Check out other articles on our blog for more digital DJ tips and free DJ training guides!

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