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The Best Playlist Creator Software for Your Computer In 2024

There are countless playlist-creator software apps out there, each offering different features, pros, and cons.

This type of software can speed up the playlist creation process, as well as sometimes provide some extra functionality for ordering and editing your playlist.

In this guide, I'll share the best Playlist Maker Software available today, showing you which is more suitable for certain platforms and situations.

I'll also show you DJ.Studio - our tool that can easily turn a playlist into a full seamless DJ-style mix, even if you have no DJing experience.

TL;DR - The Best Playlist Creator Software#

  • There are many playlist creator programs out there, each offering a range of features.

  • It's important to consider the file types you are working with - both importing and exporting.

  • Some playlist software has extra useful functionality.

  • DJ.Studio is a unique playlist creator that can turn playlists into a seamless DJ mix.

Things to Consider When Choosing Playlist Creator Software#

Before getting into the options, here are some important things to think about. You'll find a broad range of playlist software so make sure you pick the right type.

Audio File Compatibility#

audio file formats

Most (but not all) playlist software works with the two most common audio file formats (MP3 and WAV), but sometimes your music collection might be using a different format. Make sure the software you pick is compatible with the majority of your music collection.

Export Formats#

playlist maker software

You also need to consider what file format you want the final playlist file to be delivered in. Some playlist software can export in a broad range of formats (like m3u, m3u8, .pls, .xml, .txt, and more), while others are more limited. You should check what formats the software you plan on importing the playlist into can work with.

Find out more about M3U Playlist Maker Software and Playlist Files Explained.


playlist software functionality

You can find a broad range of functionality offered by playlist software. Some are more simple, but others have more advanced features. For example, some analyze your collection for key, bpm, and genre. Others allow you to create multiple playlists at once - just check out the descriptions below.

For example, you might be interested in Playlist Software for Radio Stations, where you would need specific features. Or some software that lets you Convert Playlists to MP3, like DJ.Studio.

Operating System Compatibility#

this also depends on what music libraries you are using. Some software will only run on certain operating systems.

The 3 Best Playlist Creator Software Downloads#

Here are the best playlist-creator tools available today. I'll share options for both Mac and Windows and highlight which formats are compatible.

1) VLC Media Player#

vlc media player
  • Mac and Windows

  • Free

A powerful playlist creator and music library app, VLC Media Player is a commonly recommended solution. This has all the features you need to create playlists, and also has some of the most versatile exporting, being able to create playlists in most file formats.

It's a decent piece of audio player software too, and is handy for browsing and managing your audio tracks - but you can also use it as a playlist generator. You can even download it on Android, and still use the playlist features, making it a powerful piece of portable playlist creator software.

While the interface of this free playlist creator software isn't particularly slick, it gets the job done. I'd say this is the best option out of these 3.

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2) Random Playlist Creator with Genres#

random playlist creator with genres
  • Random playlist creator

  • Windows only

  • Free

As the name of this software suggests, it lets you create random playlists from selected genres. It has a pretty scrappy interface, but the functionality is decent. It exports playlists in either M3U or .TXT formats, both of which can include copies of the audio files.

It scans the metadata of any imported tracks to find out info about the artist, year, album, genre, quality, and more. You can then use these tags to create random playlists based on chosen filters.

A neat feature is the ability to choose the maximum MB size of the final playlist or choose how many songs can be included.

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3) Playlist Creator#

playlist creator
  • Windows

  • Free

This is another basic playlist creator app - which even uses the term 'playlist creator' as its name. You can import WAVs and MP3s from your hard drive and create simple playlists. It doesn't have any cool features like randomization or genre sorting but is super lightweight and easy to use.

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DJ.Studio - The Ultimate Playlist & Mix Creator Software#

dj studio playlist creator software

If you've made a playlist, what better way to enjoy it than converting it into a seamless, DJ-style mix, with slick transitions?

You might think this requires a lot of technical experience, DJ skills, and DJ gear... but this is not true anymore. You can turn your playlist into a mix just using a keyboard and mouse - with no DJ knowledge, thanks to DJ.Studio.

DJ.Studio is a unique piece of software, which is designed for both professional DJs and humble music lovers alike. If you have a collection of playlists, this is the ultimate tool for creating a more immersive and flowing listening experience with just a few button clicks.

The most annoying thing about listening to a playlist is the silent gaps between the music files. DJ.Studio turns playlists into continuous audio files, with smooth, beat-matched transitions and crossfades between each track.

Let me show you how:

1) Importing Your Playlist#

dj studio library
  • Open DJ.Studio and navigate to the library manager.

  • Use the library importer to bring your playlist into DJ.Studio. DJ.Studio supports importing audio from various sources, and you can easily import playlists you’ve created on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

2) Arrange and Mix Your Playlist#

  • Once your playlist is imported, you can use the Automix feature to automatically find the optimal sequence of tracks based on key and tempo. This ensures your playlist is mixed harmonically, creating a cohesive and seamless listening experience.

  • Utilize the timeline editor for precise control and arrangement of your mix. You can tweak, rearrange, and edit your set as much as you like to perfect it before exporting.

3) Export Your Continuous Mix#

export your mix in dj studio
  • After you’ve finished arranging and mixing your playlist, you can quickly export your mix.

  • DJ.Studio allows for fast recording times, so you can export your mix in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking to produce content rapidly.

  • You can export your mix to various platforms directly from DJ.Studio, making the process streamlined and efficient.

  • It has extra cool features like the ability to export your mix with an animated video or add extra samples and voiceovers.

  • Learn more about How To Export A Playlist

As you can see, with DJ.Studio it's easy to edit multiple tracks together, turning your custom playlist into a smooth, continuous mix.

This gives you the ability to make mixes like a professional DJ, even if you have no technical knowledge or experience. Thanks to the simple interface and smart tools, you can harness advanced mixing skills like harmonic mixing, beat matching, and transitioning, without needing to know anything about DJing.

full playlist view dj studio

Turning your playlists into this format of mix has several advantages:

  • More immersive - no need to wait for a silent gap.

  • Less fiddly to listen to and transfer - If you're moving your mix from device to device, you only need to transfer a single file, rather than all the songs.

  • No compatibility issues - There are many different playlist file types, and not all players will work with them. If you export your mix as a wav or mp3, you can listen to it on pretty much anything.

  • Better storytelling capacity - Part of the fun of making a playlist is telling a story. With this kind of editing, you can be much more precise in the progression and flow of your playlist, letting you create a deeper narrative in your mix.


There are tonnes of playlist makers for computers out there, so the issue is choosing the right one! With the guide above you'll have no trouble picking the perfect playlist creator and start making playlists with ease.

When you've made your playlists, you should see how easy it is to turn them into a full mix with transitions and beat matching thanks to DJ.Studio. This transforms a standard playlist into a beautiful immersive mix.

Get started now with the free 14-day trial!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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