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Chromebook DJ Software - DJ On ChromeOS

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp

When it comes to DJ software, Chromebooks aren't known to be the best in the business - however, these days they are more viable than ever.

Because Chrome OS is a lightweight, web based operating system it means that Chromebooks can't use the main DJing software options like rekordbox, Traktor, Virtual DJ, and others.

However, the options are looking a bit better these days. Seasoned DJs now have a few more choices of DJ software that can be used on their Chromebook - and some of it is pretty cutting edge.

I did some digging to bring you this roundup of the best DJ software for Chromebooks: keep reading for the most recomended ChromeOS compatible DJ software!

TL;DR - Chromebook DJ Software#

  • Chromebooks don't have as many options for DJ software as Windows and Mac machines.

  • None of the mainstream DJ apps work on Chrome OS (rekordbox, Traktor, Virtual DJ etc).

  • Transitions DJ, Edjing Mix, and YouDJ are good choices for live DJing on ChromeOS.

  • DJ.Studio is the best internet browser based DJ software for Chromebooks.

Chromebook DJ Software - Important Considerations#

Before getting into the main lineup, there are some important things to understand about DJing on chromebooks.

While Chromebooks are fine for many standard computer tasks like browsing, emails, watching videos, and writing, they are fairly limited when it comes more advanced software - like if you want to DJ or create music.

Here are some of the main limitations faced when trying to DJ on a Chromebook.

  1. Limited DJ Software Options - Most professional DJ software like Serato DJ, Traktor, or rekordbox is not available for Chrome OS. These applications are designed for Windows and macOS platforms, so you won't be able to run them directly on a Chromebook.

  2. Processing Power - Unfortunately, Chromebooks typically have a lot less processing power than Mac and Windows machines. This can be a limitation when running DJ software, as this tends to be fairly resource intensive, and often Chromebooks don't have enough power.

  3. Limited Storage - A further limitation of Chromebooks is their reduced storage space. As these devices tend to be focused on browser and cloud operation, they don't offer the larger storage space of standard devices. This can be an issue for DJs, as you may quickly fill the hard drive with a large music collection.

  4. Limited DJ Gear Support - Typical live DJing revolves around hardware, like DJ controllers and audio interfaces. These don't always have drivers that work on ChromeOS, which might mean that your controller is not compatible with your Chromebook.

  5. Internet Reliance - As Chromebooks are internet based devices, you may find that most apps won't work offline. Some have offline modes, but a lot of Chromebook DJ software needs an internet connection, which can be a problem if you're not online.

While many of these limitations make it tricky for you to use a Chromebook in a traditional DJ setup, it's not the end of the world.

Thanks to new DJ software like DJ.Studio, you can easily use your Chromebook to make full DJ sets, just using a different type of workflow: The Studio DJ Method.

This moves away from live performance and instead uses a timeline editor to make DJ mixes. As you will find out later, this actually has a bunch of advantages over the traditional live method.

However, if you are considering buying a Chromebook to use purely for DJing, I would suggest looking at a Windows or Mac laptop instead. If you already use a Chromebook, then look at DJ.Studio or Transitions DJ.

The 4 Best Chromebook DJ Apps#

The following apps are the best choices for Chromebook users who want to create DJ mixes.

This includes a mix of both 'Studio' style apps, and Live mixing tools.

1) DJ.Studio#

DJ.Studio is a unique and powerful DJ app that works differently from the standard types. It's super fun to use too!

As you will learn, this gives users several advantages in terms of productivity and creativity. Most notably, you don't need any DJ equipment or DJ controllers to start making professional-sounding mixes.

You can use your own local music library, or you can even mix with streaming services like YouTube and Spotify.

Using DJ.Studio on a Chromebook is definitely the most affordable method to create professional mixes. All you need is a cheap laptop, the internet, and a DJ.Studio account!

To understand why DJ.Studio stands out from the crowd, check out the workflow for ChromeOS users.

How to DJ on Chrome OS using DJ.Studio:

  1. Open the DJ.Studio app website.

  2. Register an account/sign in.

  3. Create a new DJ.Studio project - YouTube mode is good for using streaming services, and Local File mode is designed for your downloaded files.

  4. Add songs to your mix - YouTube mode lets you browse inspirational playlists from sites like YouTube, 1001Tracklists, and Spotify.

  5. Use automix - this tool automatically arranges your mixes using beat matching and harmonic mixing. It also places seamless crossfade transitions between each song. This means that you can instantly get a decent-sounding mix going. (This is a powerful AI DJ Mixing App).

  6. Fine-tune - After the automix is complete, you should go through and adjust your mix. This involves using the timeline to change start and end points, adding loops and effects, and using the transition editor. You can use transition presets for instant inspiration, and then use the manual editor to create transitions in precise custom detail.

  7. Check your mix - listen through to make sure you are happy with your mix.

  8. Share! When you've finished, DJ.Studio makes it super easy to share your mix. You can record Local File mixes to a single audio file or even a video! If you use Online/Streaming mode, your mixes are uploaded to the DJ.Studio browser player, where you can share a web link with your audience. This means they can enjoy your mix from anywhere, even on their phone.

Check out this demo mix to see what a finished DJ set looks like in DJ.Studio!

This workflow has several advantages over traditional DJ software and also lends itself well to being used on Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

  • No DJ controller or gear required - Create and record complete mixes using only a Chromebook.

  • Non-linear workflow - Save time and energy. No need to rehearse and record, spend as long as you want to refine the mix on a timeline.

  • Automix professionalism - The automix algorithm harmonically mixes and beat matches your tracks. This means that your mix will sound very professional, even if you've never DJed before. It also prevents any unpleasant key and tempo clashes.

  • No music library required - You can make complete, sharable mixes without ever downloading a single song. Thanks to integrations with streaming services, you can make mixes from YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms without buying or downloading any music. Cloud power! That said, you can use your own music library if you do have downloads.

  • Full power - Unlike other DJ software, the browser version of DJ.Studio has all the core tools as the main app. You aren't limited to a stripped-back version with only basic features - you can use all the main tools offered by DJ.Studio. The only restriction of the browser version is not being able to connect with other DJ software like rekordbox, Traktor, Serato, etc. (Which you can't install on a Chromebook anyway).

DJ.Studio also works on Windows and MacOS and has the option of being used as a downloaded application which offers a few extra features.

This is a great tool for accelerating your DJ career as it makes it much easier to promote yourself online.

You can make complete, finished, seamless DJ sets very quickly - without needing to rehearse or record a mix. This makes it ideal for new DJs looking to get their name out there

At the same time, it's also perfect for professional and established DJs, as it makes it easier to retain their audience by regularly publishing new mixes. It has the ease of use and simplicity for new DJs, but it also has depth, complexity, and advanced features that professionals need.

You can start mixing with DJ.Studio for free with the 14-day trial. Find out more about DJ.Studio Pricingb.

2) Transitions DJ#

Transitions DJ is a decent online DJ mixing app that works on most platforms - notably ChromeOS.

Because it runs in the browser, it means you can easily use it to mix on your Chromebook.

It has all the typical features you would expect in DJ software, including the ability to play with two decks, use a DJ mixer interface for filtering, EQing, and crossfading tracks, and even the option to create loops in your mix.

A handy feature is the sync button, which automatically beat matches your tracks. However, you can use the cue and pitch faders if you want to do it manually.

Another neat feature is that it connects with youtube and even lets you mix with your SoundCloud library. So you don't need to download any music!

It offers some support for USB MIDI controllers, although not all. This means that in some cases you will be able to mix using your DJ gear!

3) Edjing Mix#

Edjing Mix is a longstanding Android and Chrome app that lets you DJ from your Chromebook or mobile phone. This also has all the tools you need to mix seamlessly, although it doesn't have much-supported hardware.

It also won't run on all Chromebooks - it only works where it can be installed, which some models don't support.

4) YouDJ App#

YouDJ is another decent browser-based DJ app that can run on most Chromebooks. this has a bunch of online music integrations so you don't need any downloads, and also has most tools you need.

One downside is that some important features (like sync and filters) are locked behind a paywall - the free version is relatively limited and isn't the best solution in most cases. Try YouDJ Desktop out if you're not on a Chromebook.


You now have a good idea of the type of DJ software available for Chromebook users.

If you are mixing live, then the best option would be something like Transitions DJ which supports some DJ controller hardware and is completely free.

However, if you only want to create finished DJ sets, then DJ.Studio is by far the best choice. if you don't need to perform live, this software offers the best workflow and a huge range of advantages. This will let you create more professional-sounding mixes with much less time and energy requirements!

Try DJ.Studio on your Chromebook for free today! With the 14-day free trial!

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