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Top 10 DJ Tools - DJ.Studio

Hey there, DJs, podcasters, mix lovers, and music fans! Today I'll be showing you a game-changing new tool to revolutionize your workflow - DJ.Studio, the ultimate mixtape machine! This software enhances your creative process, boosts your productivity, and expands your expressive range as a DJ and mix creator.

In this guide, I'm going to run through the top 10 game-changing features inside DJ.Studio. You'll learn how you can use this software to make huge improvements to your DJing skills and quality. 

TL;DR - DJ Tools in DJ.Studio #

  • DJ.Studio is a new piece of software that has a bunch of incredibly powerful DJ tools. 

  • Some useful tools include harmonic automixing, stem separation, transition editing, YouTube and Spotify DJing, and set preparation. 

  • The app will integrate seamlessly with your main DJing software and music libraries, creating a smooth and streamlined DJ workflow. 

  • You can start using DJ.Studio today for free!

What is DJ.Studio#

DJ.Studio is a unique, cutting-edge piece of DJ software, giving DJs a broad suite of tools for planning and creating mixes - from track discovery to live set preparation, and final distribution. Whether you are a new DJ, a seasoned professional, or a humble music lover, this software has the level of depth to suit your skills.  

Rather than revolving around the typical workflow offered by DJ software (that uses decks, mixers, and controllers) DJ.Studio is designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse alone. 

This offers DJs a new way to create mixes, with a bit of a different approach. It has all the features you need to find music, create mixes in the timeline editor, and export your mix as a file to share with the world, or as a prepared playlist to use in your live software. 

Here are the steps in one DJ.Studio workflow, so you can get an idea. 

  1. Import - First you need to add music to your DJ.Studio library. You can directly import files, or connect to other DJ software and libraries, or your hard drive's navigation. 

  2. Create a Project - There are three main project types:

    1. Local File - This lets you make mixes using the music on your hard drive and in other DJ software

    2. YouTube - This online mode enables mixing with music from streaming services like YouTube and Spotify, so you can mix with basically any artists and tracks. 

    3. Beatport - Try out any songs from the 12m+ track catalog of Beatport Streaming. 

  3. Build your Playlist - Start adding tracks to the project. You can manually arrange your mix, or...

  4. Automix - The automix function helps you to get the perfect setlist order using harmonic mixing and beat-matching. This makes sure that the keys of connected tracks are compatible, and that the tempo and beats are aligned, creating a consistent, smooth flow. 

  5. Edit - Use the powerful timeline editor to customize your mix in precise detail, adding effects, samples, automation, edits, and using stem separation. This is where you can craft your mix to express your creative vision as a DJ. 

  6. Mastering - DJ.Studio comes with a set of mastering tools to help you get the perfect final level, dynamic range, and balance to your mix. 

  7. Export - Finished mixes can be exported to a wide range of locations and formats, including MP3, WAV, YouTube Videos, DJ Set Files to import into other DJ software, or even as an Ableton Live project for further editing. 

Although there are many more workflows, so check out the rest of the website for more inspiration and use cases. 

Now that you understand how this software operates, let's delve into the specifics of the top 10 features!

DJ.Studio’s 10 Essential Features#

Here are DJ.Studio's top 10 essential features, which give you new tools as a DJ. 

1) A Unique DJ Timeline Tool#

Creating mixes with precision, detail, and efficiency has never been easier. DJ.Studio is a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes the entire DJ production workflow, from discovery to distribution. 

Before DJ.Studio, my options were limited to either recording live deck performances or building mixes in a DAW. Neither of these methods allowed for the rapid creation of seamless mixes. DJ.Studio changes all that by sitting perfectly between traditional DJ software and music production DAWs, making it the ideal interface for the 'Studio DJing Method,' a powerful alternative to live DJing.

Using DJ.Studio, I can craft mixes on a DAW-style timeline editor, offering several advantages:

  • Faster Workflow: I can experiment with my mix and render it perfectly without needing to rehearse and record live.

  • DJ-Specific Editing Tools: No more 'hacking' music production DAWs; this software is designed explicitly for creating DJ mixes.

  • Seamless Integration: DJ.Studio connects to major DJ software libraries, allowing me to share libraries effortlessly.

  • Detailed Mix Crafting: The non-linear editor lets me sculpt my mixes in more detail than I ever could live, resulting in more expressive and engaging DJ sets.

While it’s not a replacement for live mixing, DJ.Studio is an excellent tool for creating radio shows or mixtapes and complements live DJing methods perfectly. Plus, it’s multi-platform, working on both Mac and Windows.

2) Mix With Online Sources#

DJ.Studio allows me to mix music from a variety of online sources, including YouTube, Spotify, and 1001Tracklists in online project mode. Beatport and Beatsource integration are also in beta and will be available soon.

One of the standout features is the ability to test out tracks when creating mixes, ensuring that the copyright owners receive their due royalties from each listen. I can share my YouTube mixes with anyone who has an internet connection, and they can listen without even needing an account.

The developers are also working on a 'Legalize Mode,' which will automatically create a Beatport shopping cart with the tracks in my YouTube mix, allowing me to purchase and recreate the mix with all the automation and edits.

3) Experimentation & Planning Power#

Planning DJ sets has never been more flexible. DJ.Studio lets me unlock deeper experimentation without wasting time on the decks to find the right order. Using the playlist editor, I can effortlessly experiment with the order of tracks, making harmonic mixing easy by showing the harmonic compatibility of tracks and suggesting additional songs to bridge key gaps.

I can test any song in my mix before purchasing it, giving me access to the world's largest DJ library at my fingertips. This way, I only buy and download the tracks I’m sure will work in my mix.

4) Automix#

Creating professional mixes quickly is a breeze with DJ.Studio’s automix feature. Automix isn’t a replacement for a DJ’s skill or artistic vision; it’s more like a co-pilot that takes the strain off the mixing process, allowing me to focus more on expression.

The automix algorithm handles harmonic mixing and beatmatching, suggesting an order for my playlist and automatically placing tracks on the timeline, ensuring they stay in time and on beat. This is perfect for both beginner and pro DJs alike.

5) Transition Editor#

With the seamless transition editor, I can quickly create masterful transitions, enhancing both speed and precision in my work. The editor provides infinite control over how songs transition, allowing me to create transitions that would be impossible to perform live.

Thanks to the multi-layered automation system, I can edit parameters on a timeline for any effects system simultaneously, making my transitions more dynamic and engaging.

6) Versatile Export#

DJ.Studio’s export engine lets me quickly render finished mixes in about one-third of the time it takes to mix live. This efficiency means I save significant time compared to live recording. I can export my mix to MP3, WAV, YouTube video, and more, along with timestamp and tracklist information, which can be added to YouTube descriptions for automatic chapter dividers.

Additionally, I can turn my mix into a full Ableton live multitrack project for further editing.

7) Stem Separation and Samples#

DJ.Studio features an incredibly powerful stem separation expansion. 

This lets you create impossibly clean transitions by isolating and controlling layers (drums, bass, melody, vocals).

You can also use it to isolate stems to make mashups, remixes, and acapella.

By using this new tool, DJs can create revolutionary transitions and remixes which wouldn't be possible with traditional tools like EQ. This opens up a huge amount of creative options for DJs, giving them a new way to mix and kickstarting their next DJ set. 

You can watch stem separation in action in the video below!

DJ.Studio also comes with a pair of extra sample lanes. This means you can layer in additional samples, effects, loops, and voice overs, bringing a bit of unique identity to your mixes. This sample lane feature, paired with the stem separation tools, means you can create your own sample library by isolating layers and loops from tracks with stems, and using them in other places in your mix and projects. 

8) Integrated With Your DJ Software#

DJ.Studio integrates seamlessly with popular DJ software, allowing me to use existing DJ libraries, plan out mixes, and send the arranged playlist back into my DJ software for live performance. This integration includes:

This approach provides a smart and intuitive way to prepare DJ sets before live performances.

9) Video Creator#

Engaging videos often help mixes reach a wider audience, and DJ.Studio’s built-in video creation engine excels here. I can create audio-reactive videos without any prior experience, combining elements like solid color backgrounds, custom pictures, or reactive animations. Track information overlays and other personalization options are available, allowing me to export HD quality videos for YouTube.

10) Active Community and Support#

DJ.Studio’s built-in community hub lets me connect with other users, check out their mixes, and get feedback on mine. There’s also a live support chat, an extensive online helpdesk full of articles, and an active Discord channel for any questions I might have at any time.

Try DJ.Studio Free Now!#

These features are just the beginning of what DJ.Studio offers. The time and energy saved by using this software are incredible, and it opens up new creative possibilities for mix creation. Whether you’re a mix lover or a pro DJ, DJ.Studio is a must-have tool. Don’t miss out – test it yourself with the free 14-day trial!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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