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DJ Playlist Maker - A Beginner's Guide

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp

At the core of every good DJ set is a sweet playlist. Building a good playlist for your mix is a make-and-break skill - if the tunes don't hit right, your audience won't be grooving.

Making DJ music playlists takes a bit of skill and practice - learning how to master this process fully can take years but by using the right tools, the DJ playlisting process can become a lot easier.

By using smart features to take care of harmonic mixing, phrasing, and beat-matching, you can focus more on being creative and expressive rather than putting so much energy into the logistics.

In this guide, I'll show you how to use a DJ playlist maker to help you plan, organize, and refine a DJ playlist mix. This will help you to mix music like a pro, and create playlists that will resonate more with your audience.

TL;DR - DJ Playlist Maker#

  • Playlist maker software is useful for DJs, making the setlist planning process easier.

  • By using playlist software, DJs can experiment with the order of their mixes.

  • Some software also includes helpful features like harmonic mixing and beatmatching assistance.

  • DJ.Studio is the best playlist-maker software and lets you quickly draft up a playlist.

What is a DJ Playlist Maker?#

dj studio playlist creator software

A DJ playlist maker is a type of software that helps users (typically DJs) make playlists and makes the setlist creation process of DJing easier.

These often feature a range of tools and functions that are useful for DJs when they are planning out setlists.

In the rawest sense of the word, platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport can act as DJ playlist software, as they have playlisting features.

However, you can find other software with an expanded feature set which can give DJs some extra useful tools, and make the process even easier.

DJ.Studio - The Best DJ Playlist Maker#

dj studio carousel new

If you're looking for some powerful DJ playlist maker software - DJ.Studio is the only way to go. This playlist creator software has everything you need to easily make perfect mixes. 

Not only does this let you rapidly plan and create playlists for DJ mixes, but it's also packed with other features to enhance your DJing skills, integrate with live DJing workflows, and export your mixes.

dj studio playlist

It has so many features that it's hard to list them all here, so having a look at the process of using it is the best way to get an understanding of what this software can do for you.

  1. Open DJ.Studio - it can be run in your browser, but the installed app has more features.

  2. Connect to your Music Library - You can connect DJ.Studio to most other DJ software and music libraries. This includes popular choices like rekordbox, VirtualDJ, iTunes, Serato, Traktor, Beatport, and more. Even platforms like YouTube and Spotify can be used to mix with.

    dj studio library connections
  3. Create a Project - Start a new project, either running in Local File mode, YouTube mode, or Beatport mode.

  4. Add Tunes - Start off by adding tracks to your playlist from your library. These YouTube Playlist Makers can help you to build one easily. 

  5. Organize the Playlist - The Playlist view makes it super easy to rearrange your playlist and test out different orders. Thanks to the auto-beatmatching, you can test out new orders instantly at the click of a button. Learn How To Make The Perfect Playlist

  6. Automix - If you want some AI assistance, you can use the Automix function to suggest the optimal order based on key and BPM. This harmonically mixes your tracks and automatically creates seamless transitions between each song. If you want, you can specify the last and first song of the mix and let the AI go from there.

    dj studio automix
  7. Refine your Mix - Now, you can use the detailed timeline editor to sculpt and perfect your mix. This let's you get in deep with effects, automation, looping, editing, crafting transitions, and shaping your mix in as much detail as you want.

    dj studio timeline editing
  8. Export and Share - When your mix is finished, you're given a range of export options depending on the platform type. With local files, you can rapidly record the mix to a WAV, MP3, or even audio-reactive music videos with the music visualizer. If you're on YouTube mode, you can upload your mix to the online DJ.Studio player system, where your friends and fans can listen to your mix. The Beatport mode lets you 'legalize' your mix, automatically creating a shopping cart of tracks, and then converting it to a downloadable Local File mix.

Find out more about Exporting Playlists. You can even use DJ.Studio to convert playlists to MP3

This is only a shallow overview of what DJ.Studio can do. It's designed to make the DJing process easier, and helps at all stages of the workflow, from track discovery, to mix design and final mix distribution.

See this video for a cool demo!

It's also great for live DJs, as they can export their projects as a DJ set file, which can be imported into other DJ software and mixed live. In rekordbox, it generates hot cues to indicate when to start your transitions!


dj studio timeline

With all the knowledge above, you'll be ready to cook up some fire DJ playlists. By mastering the playlist creation stage, you'll be able to create more compelling and meaningful DJ mixes that resonate with your audience.

DJ.Studio is rapidly becoming the most popular choice in this corner of the market and is getting rave reviews from some of the biggest names in the industry. It's rapidly become the best playlist software for radio stations, and many other industries and practices. 

Don't miss out - try this software yourself with the free 14-day trial.

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