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DJ Music Mixer - Which is Best?

A DJ music mixer is your gateway to making sweet DJ mixes. 

In this article, I'll explain what features you need in DJ music mixer software, recommend the best DJ apps, and show you exactly how you can use these to start making mixes. 

DJ.Studio is designed to be one of the most powerful but easiest-to-use DJ music mixer apps out there and can be used in your browser to mix music from YouTube, Spotify, Beatport, your downloaded files, and more. 

Keep reading to learn how to use music-mixing DJ software to start making sweet mixes!

TL;DR - DJ Music Mixer Software#

  • DJs can use hardware or software tools to mix music.

  • DJ software is more versatile, affordable, and portable than hardware. 

  • DJ.Studio is one of the best DJ music mixer apps around - for beginners and pros.  

  • You can use DJ.Studio to make mixes from online music or your downloaded tracks.

Try DJ.Studio Free - The Best Online DJ Music Mixer#

dj studio carousel

If you want to get stuck straight in with making DJ mixes online, you should try the DJ.Studio free 14-day trial

This software is one of the best options if you want to make mixes with a mouse and keyboard (trust me, I've tried pretty much all the options). And because it works in your browser, it gives you direct and quick access to a powerful DJ mixing platform. 

Sure, DJ.Studio doesn't work like standard live DJ software like rekordbox and Virtual DJ - it doesn't connect with DJ controllers for live performances. But if you just want to quickly make seamless mixes from your own music downloads, or YouTube and Spotify playlists - DJ.Studio is the way to go. 

This unique DAW-style music mixing software helps anybody create seamless, DJ-style mixes within moments - no DJing skills required. So it's one of the quickest and easiest DJ music mixers to use, and you don't need to buy any expensive gear.  

You can try it for free here: Try DJ.Studio Free!

DJ.Studio makes it super quick and easy to make full-length, seamless DJ mixes. Here is the basic process. (I'll explain this in more detail later in this article).

  1. Create a project - In this case, we'll use a YouTube project, which works with music on YouTube or Spotify. How to DJ with Spotify, How to DJ with YouTube

  2. Add Tracks - You can easily import tracks to your projects (and library) from YouTube or Spotify. You can even drag and drop a playlist link into DJ.Studio to copy the whole playlist across. 

  3. Automix - The AI automix analyses your tracks, and finds the best order and transitions based on BPM and key. This arranges your mix on the timeline with automatic seamless transitions between each song

  4. Edit the Mix - Now you can use the timeline editor to craft your mix in more detail. Use transition presets, or get in deep with the manual editor to have complete control over the transitions and effects in your mix. 

  5. Export and Share - YouTube projects can be shared online through our Community Mix Sharing Platform. This lets you share your complete mix with anybody online - they don't even need to sign up for an account! Mixes made with downloaded tracks can be turned into a single HD recording file, like a .WAV or .MP3. 

Voila! It's as easy as that. DJ.Studio helps you make full mixes in moments - no equipment required!

The above steps are just one basic method you can use DJ.Studio for - but there are countless other uses for both hobbyist and professional DJs. 

The rest of this blog post looks at some of the other options available, explores DJ music mixers in more detail, and shows you some of the main features you need in these tools. 

What Exactly is a DJ Music Mixer?#

The term 'DJ music mixer' can mean two different things - referring to two tools commonly used by DJs.  

dj music mixer

A physical DJ mixer - These DJ mixers are used to connect two (or more) decks or turntables together, enabling a DJ to mix music live, for a performance. These feature multiple inputs and give DJs the controls they need to transition between tracks, like crossfaders, EQs, and filters. This can also mean DJ controllers. 

dj studio samples s

DJ mixing software - This digital form of DJ mixer enables DJs to make mixes from their computer. There are two main types of DJ mixing software: Live software, which connects to a USB DJ controller, or Studio DJ software, which is designed to create mixes with a mouse and keyboard alone. 

I'll be focusing on DJ mixing software in this guide, so for physical mixers check out my other guide on The Best DJ Mixers!

4 Essential Features to Look for in DJ Music Mixing Software #

dj studio library

DJ mixing software requires a few different moving parts to help you mix music properly. Your DJ mixer software needs a bunch of features to work effectively - some are more important than others, but there are definitely some essentials. 

Each software will have a slightly different approach to each of these elements. So if you're looking for a long-term investment, you should assess the quality of each product, and work out which one suits your needs and style the best. 

Here are the 4 most essential features to look for in DJ mixing software. 

  • Music Library Management - Music mixing software needs some way to store and organize a collection of music. This is a foundational feature - and some services are better than others. Look for handy features like custom sorting options, genre organization, and the ability to connect with other music libraries, like your mainstream DJ software, and streaming platforms. 

  • Virtual Mixer and Decks - You'll also need the typical set of tools required for seamless mixing, some kind of system that emulates the technology found in hardware DJ mixers and decks. This includes the standard mixer controls (volume, faders, and EQ), as well as the decks, which let you play two tracks (or more) together. This gives you the ability to mix and remix songs. 

  • Effects - For more expression and personalisation, it's nice to have some extra effects in your software. This could include filters, delays, and reverb - but additional functions like sample playback and stem separation are a nice bonus. 

  • Record/Export Function - Finally, you'll want something that helps you to record and share your mix. Depending on the type of software you're using, this might be a real-time record function (where you have to record your performance live), or an offline export (where you click export, and it creates the recording for you). You need this feature to be able to share your mixes

Nice Extra Features in DJ Mixing Software#

While the above features are effectively essential for music mixing software, there are bunch of other things that make the experience better, although they aren't 100% required. 

Here are some extra features that you might consider looking for in your DJ music mixer:

Stems in dj studio
  • Stem separation - This modern technique allows you to split out the different layers in a track, and control them independently. For example, you can separate the drums, bass, melodies, and vocals, and manually set the volume balance between each layer. This isn't found in many DJ apps, but it's a fun and creative feature to play with. 

    dj studio samples
  • Extra audio layers - Sometimes you might want to be able to mix more than just two songs together at once. You might want to layer extra loops, samples, sound effects, voiceovers, and DJ tags into your mix. Some software supports extra sample pads and additional tracks, which might be an attractive feature for some DJs. 

    shadertoy dj studio tutorial cover image
  • Video Mixing - Some DJ software lets you mix music videos as well as songs. This can give you a nice extra layer of entertainment to your audience - particularly if you have a projector in the club. Some software, like DJ.Studio, lets you create custom, unique videos for your mixes, by combining various audio-reactive animations that move in time with your music. 

  • Streaming Integration - These days, it's generally far more convenient to discover and catalogue your favourite music on a streaming platform like YouTube or Spotify. Some (but not many) DJ mixing platforms let you mix music from streaming platforms - giving you more flexibility, and saving your wallet and hard drive space. For example, DJ.Studio can mix music from YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, 1001Tracklists, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource streaming and more. 

The Best DJ Music Mixer Apps and Software#

Now you now what features to look for, here are some of my favourite music-mixing apps and software. Some of these are mobile, and others are for computers - so you can find a good option no matter what you're using. 

Mac and Windows Music Mixing Software#

Here are some of the best music-mixing programs for Windows and Mac computers.

  • DJ.Studio - Our unique approach to DJ music mixing software, taking a timeline-based approach, for making mixes in the studio rather than on-stage.

  • rekordbox - Widely seen as the industry standard, this is Pioneer's software and is found in most clubs and hardware, and has a decent free version. DJ.Studio has some cool integrations with this one. 

  • Traktor - Another decent option for live mixing, made by Native Instruments. 

  • Serato - A popular choice for scratch DJs, who like the feel of traditional turntables, but the feel of old-school turntables. 

  • Virtual DJ - An affordable choice with many cool features like video mixing and stem separation. 

  • Mixxx - The open-source, community-developed option, which is completely free to use. 

Mobile Music Mixing Apps#

Here are some of the best mobile music mixing apps, so you can DJ from your phone or tablet!

  • Edjing Mix - A long-standing mobile DJ app with deep features and hardware integration. 

  • MixOnSet - A basic, user-friendly choice with automix features and a wide audio spectrum analyzer. 

  • Djay - A streamlined, simple mobile music-mixing app. 

  • Cross DJ - A professional-grade mobile DJ app. 

DJ.Studio - The Best DJ Music Mixer Software#

Ok, I know I'll be a bit biased here because I work for DJ.Studio - but this is honestly one of the most powerful pieces of music-mixing software, and you should at least try it. 

It gives you the ability to make mixes from your laptop alone, without the need for any controllers or gear - which is very attractive and unique. 

With all the essential features you need to start mixing your music library, this unique piece of DJ software lets you mix and play music with a uniquely intuitive interface. It's rapidly becoming one of the must-have DJ tools that is being raved about in the DJ world. 

I explained the basic process to use it above, but here are some of the extra attractive features. 

Cool DJ.Studio Features#

dj studio timeline

DJ.Studio has a huge range of unique and powerful features. Here are some of the most exciting ones: 

  • Stem Separation - DJ.Studio has a powerful stem separation tool, letting you isolate elements of tracks in transitions, or convert them to new samples. 

  • Samples - Layer in extra samples, voiceovers, and loops to spice up your mix. 

  • Streaming Platform Integration - You can make mixes from music on YouTube, Spotify, Beatport Streaming, 1001Tracklists, and other platforms. 

  • Constant Development and Upgrades - DJ.Studio has a large, active team of developers. They constantly listen to the community to bring user's most requested features to the app. 

  • Video Creation - You can make your own animated music videos to accompany your mix. 


dj studio carousel new

Now you're ready to start making mixes with your music mixing software. 

Of course, I'll recommend you start by trying out the DJ.Studio free trial, as this is one of the easier but most powerful options for making mixes. But you can still have some fun with the other choices. 

Get started with DJ.Studio today!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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