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The Best Free DJ Software - Download Here

I know what it's like when you're starting out DJing and want to test the waters - often you don't have the money to spare on expensive DJ software, I've been there myself. 

But budget constraints don't have to put a stop in your DJ career! There are countless free DJ software downloads today - some offering fantastic quality that rival paid options. 

That said, I know from experience that there are also a lot of pretty terrible free DJ app downloads too... it's important to avoid these otherwise you'll have a bad experience. 

So, I've decided to put this guide together to show you the best free DJ software to download today. These will help any experienced or new DJ to start making DJ sets and mix their favorite tracks - even without hardware!

Honestly, I think some of these are so great that it almost seems too good to be true... I even use a couple of these as my main DJing software! 

(I've been a pro DJ, but have never paid for expensive software... shhh!)

TL;DR - The Best Free DJ Software #

  • DJing is now more accessible than ever, and you don't need to spend a single dollar to access powerful DJ software.

  • While there are many great free options, there are a lot of terrible ones that you need to avoid. I'm going to share the best ones so you don't waste your time!

  • I use the free version of rekordbox as my main live DJing software, but I've also used Mixxx before. 

  • DJ.Studio is another great option for unlocking a new approach to making DJ mixes. 

The 6 Best Free DJ Software for PC#

In my time as a DJ, I've tried pretty much every DJ software out there - free and paid, good and bad, fun and frustrating. 

While the core features and concepts (a music library/track browser, virtual decks, a mixer, and effects to support song mixing) are largely the same - the execution, feature set, limitations, and overall quality can vary drastically from app to app. 

So in this list, I'm only going to include free DJ software that is worth using in my experience, and I've made sure to not mention the frustrating products. I kept the list short so you can jump straight in with the best choices!

Most of these are available on both Windows and Mac computers. 

Rekordbox (Free Plan) - Download Here#

I've used the free version of rekordbox as my main live DJing software app for years, and I suggest you start here!

If you're looking for some free DJ software that is reliable, highly performant, fun to use, and professional - I think rekordbox's free version is the best option. I've actually used this as my main DJing software for years, and have never spent a penny on it. 

You can create a free account and download the desktop app instantly without needing to buy any hardware or subscription. I also think that it's pretty fully featured, and I never find myself feeling the limitations degrade from my DJing experience. I use this with a Pioneer DJ controller, but you can use it with a bunch of other ones. (Although, if you're DJing with a mouse and keyboard, I would recommend DJ.Studio instead.)

With the recent release of rekordbox v7, the software now boasts even more features, stability, and performance improvements - as well as a refined UI that looks smooth and sharp. 

Honestly, if you want to mix live I recommend trying rekordbox before looking at any of the other options (apart from DJ.Studio). I think it's the most attractive option out of the competition. It has very few limitations, its super powerful, and it's used in many clubs, so the skills and setup are pretty transferable. 

You may need a hardware device to unlock most features, but even so, it's a great choice and has far less limits than the other options. 

Head to the rekordbox downloads page to get started!

Serato DJ Lite - Download Here#

I've used Serato DJ Lite many times, and while it’s great for beginners, it has its limitations.

Serato DJ Lite is another popular option when it comes to free DJ software for PC. The defining style of Serato is its focus on live remixing, mashups, and scratching. I've used Serato many times in my career, and I'm a big fan of the hardware - especially the DVS setups. 

While I think rekordbox is more stable, responsive, and better featured than Serato, some users may find Serato more attractive due to the style of DJing that it's geared towards. I think rekordbox is more versatile, but Serato is better for 'performance' DJing, where advanced DJ techniques are equally (or more) important than the music itself. 

For example, Serato is a bit easier to use if you are into live remixing, looping, sampling, and editing tracks on the fly. The DVS (Digital Vinyl System) setups give you the feeling of mixing on vinyl, but with the flexibility of digital DJing - although you'll need a more expensive version of the software (and some pretty expensive hardware) to use these features. 

Serato Lite is free to use with or without a controller. But it's only compatible with Serato Lite-enabled hardware - so I'd only recommend using it if you have one of these models. 

Also, in my experience, Serato isn't as common in venues, clubs, and radio stations, which puts it at a disadvantage over rekordbox. But, if you're into technically skilled DJ performances, scratching, and live remixing - the Serato route is probably the best for you.  

Mixxx - Download Here #

Mixxx is the completely free, open-source DJ software with no paywalls - making it accessible to everybody. But, it is a bit ugly and clunky (sorry!)

Before I bought a proper DJ controller, Mixxx was my go-to. This open-source DJ software is 100% free (there isn't even a paid version) and community-made. It has a huge range of features which is super competitive with premium apps. 

It's highly moddable and customizable but is equally great for beginners. One of my favorite things about Mixxx is that it lets you map controls however you want. This means you can create your own crazy keyboard DJing setup, or even use any random old MIDI controllers to mix with. 

There have been times in the past where I've rigged up some crazy configurations to use Mixxx for DJing in a pinch - it wasn't ideal, but it got the job done, and wouldn't be possible in other apps!

That said, I find the interface to be a bit ugly, and the software isn't as smooth or well-thought-out as the options above.

Traktor DJ 3 Demo - Download Here #

Native Instrument's latest version of Traktor is a powerful DJing tool, although it doesn't quite stack up to the competition. 

I used to be a big fan of the free version of Traktor DJ 2, but I can't find the download anywhere now. I imagine that they've discontinued it and are pushing people to use Traktor 3, which has a pretty good demo.

Traktor has a bunch of cool features, and I find it to be one of the best in terms of sensitivity and responsiveness, both in terms of the UI and when used with a controller. 

However, my main issue with the Traktor 3 free demo is that there is a time limit - it shuts off after 30 minutes, meaning that this isn't viable for a party. So, it's good to get a taste of the app, but you couldn't use it as seriously as you could with rekordbox. 

Although, you can unlock this if you own a Traktor/NI DJ controller - so it's a great option if you have one. 

Virtual DJ Free - Download Here #

VDJ is totally free for home users, but can only be used with a controller for 10 minutes at a time. 

Virtual DJ is another longstanding staple in the free DJ technology scene. While it has a fantastic set of features and a rich heritage, there are some things I find annoying about the free version that make me rank it at the bottom of this list. 

It's free for non-commercial or home use, and there are no limitations on the software, but... (and it's a pretty big one), you can't use the free version of Virtual DJ with a controller for more than 10 minutes. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me, if I'm using a controller. So I would try rekordbox first. 

That said, it's still a decent app, and you can get the main version pretty cheaply. I think one of the main attractions of the Virtual DJ route is that it's compatible with many controllers (although you do need to pay). 

DJ.Studio - The New Way to DJ - Free Trial#

This unique DJ software gives you a method to create mixes without hardware - using a powerful timeline editor, smart AI assistance, and countless integrations. 

If you're the type of person who is looking for free DJ software, then I'm willing to guess that you also don't have a controller. 

Well, in my experience, using any of the above DJ apps without a controller is quite a miserable practice. A mouse and keyboard are not the best tools to DJ live - it's nearly impossible to make seamless transitions at a party just by clicking around in your DJ software in the moment. 

However, you can find some DJ software (like DJ.Studio) which is designed to be used without a controller and offers a different approach to making DJ mixes. 

DJ.Studio is a unique piece of 'studio' DJ software. This means it's designed to mix songs on your computer alone, in a studio, or on the move. It gives DJs a completely new method for creating mixes. 

You can also use it to discover new music thanks to the 1001Tracklists integration, and you can even use it to DJ with Spotify, and make mixes out of YouTube playlists!

See how DJ.Studio can upgrade your DJing process in this video:

Some notable features include: 

  • Plan the perfect mix, with integrations with all mainstream DJ software.

  • Experiment with any song thanks to YouTube and Spotify DJ mixing. 

  • Rapidly create finished, seamless mixes to impress your audience. 

  • Accelerate your growth as a DJ by producing more mixes, at a higher quality. 

  • Build unique mashups, mini mixes, and transitions with powerful editing tools like stem separation, transition presets, and timeline editing. 

DJ.Studio comes with a free trial that lets you supercharge your DJ workflow - but it's also super affordable and offers great value for money considering what it can do for your productivity and DJ career. 


Remember, if you're going to be investing a lot of time in DJing, it's worth spending some time to work out which software is most suitable for your needs. While they all do the same basic functions, there is a lot of variation in their design and style. 

I would recommend trying out rekordbox first, as this is arguably the industry standard, and I think the free version is just phenomenal. (I actually use it as my main DJing software). 

Beyond this, DJ.Studio is another important one to check out. This offers a completely different workflow to all the others, and I think is the most valuable in terms of expanding your capacity and opening new doors as a DJ, both in terms of creativity and career. 

Start using DJ.Studio for free with the unlimited 14-day trial - Download DJ.Studio Now!

Noah Feasey-Kemp
I started DJing when I was 15. Started a record label, residency by a club in Bristol. I’ve played at all the biggest clubs in Bristol (and the small ones) and have entertained thousands of dancers! I love writing about music, DJing, and technology. I've been blogging for DJ.Studio since the start of the project, and am always happy to answer questions and help fellow DJs out!

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