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The 6 Best Free DJ Software and Apps in 2024

Noah Feasey-Kemp

Noah Feasey-Kemp |

Free DJ software is all over the internet these days - but which is worth your time, and which should you avoid?

You don't need to spend much money to get set up DJing and start making your own mixes, especially with the amount of powerful free DJ software out today.

In fact, all you really need to make mixes is a computer, software, some music files, and the passion to create! If you're looking to get into DJing, you can start mixing and play track with only a few pieces of affordable equipment.

This guide shows you the best free DJ apps to get your mixing fingers on, and explains some other cool options that help to make DJing easier.

Is Free DJ Software Any Good (The Truth)#

As the old saying goes - "there's no such thing as a free lunch". When it comes to DJ software and DJ apps this is also true.

While there is a lot of pretty decent free music mixing software out there, it mostly has frustrating limitations. Which can even make DJing no fun at all!

In truth, the best DJ software will cost you money. If you want to mix music like a professional, then you'll need to pay for all the features professional DJs need.

Using free DJ apps and free software is fine for total beginners, who might just want to test out if they even enjoy DJing.

But if you want to take DJing seriously, then paying for better DJ software will give you an advantage, and make your life easier and more fun!

You don't even need to spend a lot of money on the pro software, some DJ apps like DJ.Studio offers monthly subscriptions at very affordable prices.

The 6 Best Free DJ Software and Apps#

Here, I'll share the best choices when it comes to free music mixing software.

It's worth noting that, not many DJ programs are completely free. Typically, the full version costs money, but you can access a limited 'free version', which is a good place to try it out and see if you want to upgrade to the paid edition.

Check out this other article for a recommendation of the Best Apps for DJ Mixing!

1) DJ.Studio#

Learn how to use it here! Making DJ Mixes in DJ.Studio

DJ.Studio Playlist


  • Unique timeline editor for perfectionist DJs

  • Powerful AI automix to match the key and BPM of your tracks.

  • Rapid export, to multiple formats

  • Built-in video mixing to create custom reactive visuals and music videos

  • Ideal for humble music lovers, all the way up to the most advanced professionals

  • Mix your favorite songs directly from YouTube


  • 2-week free trial period

  • Limited features for live mixing, better for studio

  • Currently no hardware support 


DJ.Studio is a unique DJ app that stands out from the crowd - this is a DAW for DJs!

Most DJ software uses the exact same workflow and principles - they try to mimic the techniques of classic decks and mixer-type DJ setups. This setup has been used since the 70s, and while it works for many cases, it's not the most optimal tool for making mixes.

This is where DJ.Studio comes in. This is a unique piece of software that revolutionized the process of creating DJ mixes. This helps you to create seamless transitions with minimal effort - creating the perfect DJ set in record time!

DJ.Studio Automix

The process is simple, fast, and powerful. It gives you a bunch of tools that make your life as a DJ easier, and enhances the overall professionalism of the final mix.

To understand why it's so good, you should learn how the workflow works:

  1. Import music into the library from your hard drive, YouTube, or other DJ app choices like rekordbox, Serato or Traktor. Most digital music files will work.

  2. Select a bunch of songs you want to use in a mix.

  3. Hit the automix button to get a harmonically ordered playlist where the transitions won't sound clashy.

  4. Check out the arrangement, and re-order songs if necessary.

  5. Create and fine-tune the transitions between each song.

  6. Export your mix to a high-quality audio file, YouTube, Ableton Live, Mixcloud, and more destinations

This powerful and unique workflow gives DJs a new, fast way to create mixes. This presents several benefits to users, mostly increasing their speed and making their production more efficient. You can use it to rapidly create promotional mixes which help to grow your reach as a DJ, thus getting your name out there.

It's also connect with most other DJ Software Types, so you can integrate it with your live performance tools. It can even be used to create audio-reactive animated videos which are even more entertaing, making it a handy piece of Video DJ Software.

DJ.Studio offers a free two-week trial. I think you'll want to upgrade to the full version after you try it out for a bit. I'm addicted!

It's also worth noting that the trial lets you use the full version of DJ.Studio, without any limitations (other than the time period). Not many other software trials for DJs let you use the full version, and have big limits. 

DJ.Studio is the Best DJ Software for Beginners, but it also has plenty of depth to make it ideal for advanced professionals too! This powerful AI Enhanced DJ Software will accelerate the way any DJ works!

Find out more in this Interview with DJ.Studio's Creator, or check out how DJ.Studio Compares With Other Software!

2) rekordbox Free Plan#

rekordbox free


  • Simple but effective mixing software

  • Mix songs on two decks

  • Manage your music library

  • Auto-sync, so no need to learn beatmatching

  • Live waveform display

  • Hardware integration


  • Can't use the free version with hardware and controllers

  • Limited options for exporting

  • Can't record

  • Limited effects


rekordbox is one of the most well-known DJ app choices in the scene, and it has a pretty decent free option. While you can't use the free version with a DJ controller, it gives you all the features you need to get started mixing your own music.

It has a pretty decent user interface and some innovative features like musical key detection. The master sync feature is handy and lets you automatically beat match tracks together.

One downside of the paid version of rekordbox is that it only works with Pioneer-approved DJ controllers, which might limit what you can use it with.

Overall, rekordbox's free plan is a decent starting point if you want to test out DJing with free software. It's a great piece of Mac DJ Software, and also works as PC DJ Software.

3) Traktor DJ 2 LE#

Traktor LE


  • Familiar mixing software

  • Integrated with Soundcloud Go

  • Works on iPad

  • Music library manager

  • User friendly interface for music mixing


  • Limited cue points

  • Limited mixer and effects

  • Lacks tag or metadata editing

  • No cue/playlist/automix features

  • No hardware control


Traktor is another one of the other most popular DJ tools around, and it has a loyal user base.

The free demo of this DJ app offers you a stripped-back version of the software. It comes with all of the core features you need to DJ from a PC alone, although it does have a lot of limitations.

You can use it to play music, mix songs, remix songs, listen to your own music, and everything else you would expect. It has all the must have DJ tools too!

This also won't work with any hardware, so you can only control it via a mouse and keyboard - which isn't an ideal way to mix music live.

Unlike rekordbox, Traktor Pro (the paid version) will work with pretty much any DJ controller you can find, making it much more versatile and a better way to mix songs on a budget.

4) Mixxx#

Mixxx Free DJ Software


  • Completely free - open source DJ software

  • Mix on four decks

  • Pitch and key control

  • Beat matching and looping

  • Master sync

  • Works with hardware

  • Decent effects


  • A bit ugly (sorry!)

  • Many bugs

  • Limited library manager


Mixxx is unique, in the fact that it's a totally free, open-source piece of software. Maybe this makes it the best free software - as it's the only one here that is totally free!

This gives you a wide range of features, for $0.00! It has enough for beginner and experienced DJs alike.

The only downside is that it's a bit clunky, unrefined, and ugly. That said, it's definitely a viable option for DJs on a budget. It's community-driven, so it might not have the singular vision of a commercial program and does feel a bit scatterbrained.

It will, however, work with almost any DJ controller, as you can simply map out what each button controls.

5) Serato DJ Lite#

Serato DJ Lite


  • Integrates with streaming services

  • Use Serato Stems

  • Mixing, scratching, and effects


  • No recording

  • Basic sync features

  • Limited key analysis


If you're looking to learn the basics of Serato, Serato DJ Lite is the place to be! This gives you the basic features of Serato, in a timeless free trial.

It has tools for creating live remixes, including the ability to add sound effects and loops. It even lets you stream music from other websites directly into the app.

Upgrading to Serato DJ Pro gives you a bunch of other cool features, including the ability to use timecode vinyl records, which gives you the feel of mixing on vinyl, but with the flexibility and power of a digital setup.

6) Virtual DJ Free#

VirtualDJ Free


  • Up to 99 deck mixing

  • Decent library management

  • Effects and a good mixer

  • Virtual DJ Can record mixes


  • No hardware support

  • Recording is limited

  • Not allowed for pro use (earning money)

Virtual DJ Info

VirtualDJ is another big name in the DJ software scene and has a feature-full free version that has enough tools for most situations. It doesn't have all the power of a full, professional piece of software, but Virtual DJ is great for new starters.

Virtual DJ has many similar limitations to others, such as lacking the ability to work with hardware, restrictions on the features, and a limited set of effects. Although, Virtual DJ can record your mixes which is a nice addition.

Things to Look for in Free DJ Software: A Buyer's Guide#

When venturing into the world of DJing, finding the right software can be a daunting task, especially for new DJs.

No-cost DJ apps can be a great starting point, but it's crucial to know what features are essential to help you play tracks, stream tracks, and ultimately create an engaging mix.

Here's a buyer's guide to help you understand what to look for in free music mixing software, ensuring that your transition into DJing is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Note, than many of these features are locked behind a professional plan, and may not be included in the basic free version.

New DJ Friendly: Easy to Start Mixing#

If you're a new DJ, the world of mixing can be overwhelming. That's why finding software that's user-friendly and designed with beginners in mind is essential. Look for intuitive interfaces, easy-to-navigate features, and tutorials or guides that help you start mixing with confidence.

Smart Playlists and Smart Folders#

Organization is key in DJing. Look for software that supports smart playlists and smart folders, helping you keep your tracks well-organized and accessible. This feature is invaluable, especially when you need to find the perfect track quickly during a live set or wish to categorize your music by genre, mood, or any other criteria.

Party Mode: Engage Your Audience#

Party mode is a must-have feature for DJs looking to engage their audience. This feature allows for an interactive session where the crowd can request songs, vote for the next track, or even add to the playlist. It's a fantastic way to keep your audience involved and ensures that your set meets the vibe of the room.

Multiple Effects: Elevate Your Mix#

To truly stand out, having a range of effects at your disposal is crucial. Multiple effects allow you to add depth, texture, and your unique style to your mixes. From reverb and echo to flanger and beatmash, these tools can transform a simple track into a masterpiece. Ensure your free music mixing software offers a variety of effects to experiment with and incorporate into your sets.

Play and Stream Tracks Seamlessly#

The ability to play and stream tracks without hiccups is fundamental. Whether you're mixing tracks stored on your desktop app or streaming live from online platforms, your software should offer flawless integration and playback. This ensures that your creative flow isn't interrupted, and your audience enjoys a seamless listening experience.

Device Compatibility: Desktop App and Mobile Device#

In today's digital age, the best DJ software is one that's versatile. Whether it's a comprehensive desktop app for in-studio sessions or a mobile-friendly interface for gigs on the go, your software should align with your lifestyle. Compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices means you can start mixing wherever you are, bringing your music directly to the crowd, anytime, anywhere.

Closing Thoughts#

DJ.Studio Timeline Close

Now you know about the free DJ software available, you can start your DJ journey. Remember, the free versions are all limited in some way, so when you find out which software you like, it's often worth upgrading to the full version when you need more functionality.

At DJ.Studio, we offer one of the most powerful pieces of DJ software on the market today. We want it to be available to as many people as possible, so we made an affordable subscription for those keen DJs on a budget!

Make sure you try out this Mixtape Maker App/blog/mixtape-maker-app and come to your own judgements.

For more recommendations, check out this list of the Best DJ Software for PC.

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